Man kicks ex girlfriends door and dies of multiple gunshot wounds.


A 21-year-old suspect who kicked in his ex-girlfriend’s door died from multiple gunshot wounds after the former girlfriend’s brother opened fire.

The incident occurred in Detroit on Tuesday.

According to ClickonDetroit, the suspect began kicking on his ex-girlfriend’s door around 8:10 a.m. The girl’s 32-year-old brother opened fire on the suspect, shooting him “multiple times in the chest” and killing him.

Police and the ex-girlfriend’s neighbors said, “the man had been stalking his ex…[in] a case of domestic violence that had been going on for too long.” One neighbor said “the woman hasn’t lived at the apartment for long, but her garage door and window already have scratches and dents caused last week by her ex-boyfriend.”

The suspect was allegedly armed when he kicked in the door. Police have recovered the suspect’s gun and the gun used to kill the suspect.

It is interesting to note that the suspect apparently did not plan on being at his ex-girlfriend’s residence long; police arrived on scene to find his car parked in the street with the engine running.

What I’m supposed to be sorry that a sorry SOB died.  It sounds like he was planning on beating if not killing her and ended up drifting down to room temperature himself instead.

I suppose if she had gotten a restraining order that would have stopped him….. Right.

I just want to know what caliber?  Rounds fired, and number of bullets on target.

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Thursday Music

Just got back from a concert at the Black Oak Casino.  Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, they gave an hour and forty minute of great music.

Frank’s Father (also Frank) is a friend of Monika’s and we try and see them both whenever they come up this way.  Well worth seeing if you ever get a chance.

I’d upload a video but one thing I have to confess about my beloved Cheap Phone is that the camera is pretty crappy. In fact if there is one thing that might cause me to spend $150-175 on a new phone it would be a better camera.

Oh.. did I mention that tonight’s concert at Black Oak was free?

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JP tries to warn us all.

About Trump and The Illuminati.

I also recommend his teachings on Essential Oils and Meat Eating.

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Use a little Bondo and that will buff right out.

Bridges and Dam’s are falling apart here in Komifornia.  Maybe we need to spend a little more of our money on current infrastructure and less on a High Speed Train from Bumfuck to Nowhere.


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Making the rounds of the .Net. O should I say “the .Twits“?













Which, when you consider that the actual results look more like this.













It kind of makes me wonder if “Map Reading” just might not be her special talent.  Or if she just hates New Mexico, Colorado, the lower half of Minnesota, Michigan (currently in the Clinton camp by 1.5%), Virginia, and Nevada.  After all, even though they all went for Clinton, she puts them in “Dumbfuckistan”.  And even then she keeps Pennsylvania even though it went for Trump.

Maybe they will wake up and smell the coffee in the next election and dump the blues.   Hell even in Comifornia 38.38% of the voters could not bring themselves to vote for her and 32.74% held their nose (like me) and voted for Trump.











And for those of you who want to get rid of the Electoral College?  My suggestion is that we give 1 (One) Electoral Vote per county or Parish nation wide.









Hard to get more fair then that.

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Heard on the .Net

I haven’t seen the Democrats this butt-hurt since we freed the slaves.
I don’t care who you are, That’s funny.

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Movies I’d like to see made. #1

A great song, depressingly sang (as it should be).

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The difference between Conservatives and Liberals.

This is what I remember after ’08 and ’12


And this is just one of the many riots (bought and paid for by the Democrats probably) after the election of Trump.

Morons, Portland is in Multnomah County and Multnomah County voted 75.9+% for Hillary.  As usual when the left or their stooges riot they mostly burn down their own kennels.

Things to note:

At 1:20 – “Just because they are “non lethal doesn’t mean they don’t
hurt”.  Stupid fucker, trashing business, setting fires and harassing
people in cars?  Cry me a river if you end up dead.

Then you have all the other stupid fuckers watching from the sidewalk. Some
people really want to be a “accidental” victim.

At 3:20 –  man with a gun keeps the “Peaceful Protesters” away from his

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Re: Trump


We conservatives do not think very much of Donald Trump either, and many of us expect to think less of him the more we get to know him. His election may very well prove to be the equivalent of using a neutron bomb to clear out a cockroach infestation, or a ball-peen hammer to remove an achy tooth — but what a human toothache we had in Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Worth reading.  I did not vote for Trump.  I voted AGAINST Hillary.

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To all who have served.

Thank you.

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