Paris. Violence is rarely the answer, but when it is, it is the ONLY answer.

It will happen again.

The Muslim attackers shouts that their attack was for their god and for Syria, the same nation that is flooding western Europe and the United States with hundreds of thousands of “refugees” that are conspicuously light on families, women, children, and the elderly, and instead are suspiciously heavy on what counter-terrorism professionals dryly describe as “military age males.”

It will be at your local mall, your child’s school, a crowded sporting event on a weekend night, or anywhere else there are groups that these savages view as soft targets. You can either trust the same government that is accelerating the importationof Syrian “refugees” to protect you and pray that the next Paris happens in another American town, or you can train to be your own first responder.

We are all on the front lines now.

Read the whole blog post here.

Edited to add the link. 16 November, 2015 @ 1937



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It’s all Arizona’s fault.

A friend of mine, I’ll call him Arizona in order to protect the not so innocent, said, and I quote “Hell, you can’t have too many knives, go for it”.  So you see it’s not my fault at all.

Buck 301My Buck Stockman (Model 301), that I
mentioned in a previous post, went back to the factory two weeks ago for a regrind or replacement blade (if they will be so kind). Seeing that I was so careless as to snap the tip of the main blade off.

And I honestly don’t remember how I did it.



OldTimer 34OTIn the meantime I’ve been carrying as my primary, and lets not scare the sheep, knife an old American Made Old Timer Middleman, the Model 340T,  a smaller (3.3″ vs 3.9″) Stockman pattern knife.  In fact I think it is roughly the same size as the Buck Cadet (Model 303).

This knife is one that my dad had.  I’m not sure if he gave it to me or if I just took it, in any case it’s mine now and since it was my dads it has a some amount of sentimental value to me.  Someday I might pass it on to my son, or he might steal it from me, either way is fine as long as he to puts some value on it.

That’s a long round about way of saying that while I was at Walmart the other day I bought a ChiCom Buck Model 371 ( I shall try to remember to refer to it as “The” or “A” “CCBuck” from now on).  A Buck Model 301 but made in China for Buck and give a different Model #.  On sale for $19.92, it cost me $21.51 out the door, with tax.

While I was in the store I looked over all three that they had in stock and chose the best.  The “Fit and Finish” of even the best is not as good as I remember my “Merican” made 301 being.  When it comes back I’ll try and do a photo comparison and see.  However the blades are supposed to be the same alloy, the same or similar grind, and we hope, the same heat treatment.  The other two were pretty much crap. Not quite as bad as some cheap knife, out of Pakistan, that you would buy for $2 when you need a knife shaped object, but close.  They do come with Bucks “Forever Warranty” though, so at least they will stand behind them.
The CCBuck is sharp, it will shave the hair on your leg (I’ve been sharpening knifes lately and have pretty much run out of hair on my arms) and straight out of  the box it would cut paper, but you could feel it grab just a bit.  After tuning up the edge of the main blade it’s almost scary sharp.  No grabbing, just a clean slice through the paper.  Time will tell me how that edge will last and how easy it is to touch up and bring back.  In any case, at the worse I’m out $22, and at best I’ve got an acceptable knife to add to my collection.

I’ll sharpen, oil and then store (in my trusty dresser drawer) the Old Timer for later use or gifting.  I may even try to, gently, polish the blades.  American made Old Timers were made of High Carbon, NON-Stainless steel and will rust if you give them a dirty look.  They take an edge,  however, like nobody’s business.

It is more then a little sad that Schrade went out of business in 2004 and all the current production “Old Timer” and “Schrade” Knives are now Chinese made, with Stainless Steel blades.  That little Middleman is a very sweet knife, well put together, and tight.  No gaps anywhere in the fit and finish unlike the other CCBucks that I did not select.  If I get a chance I’ll  have to look over some new production Schrade or Old Timer knifes and look at the fit and finish.

As it is Amazon lists a Buck 301 Stockman for $27.94 with free shipping with Prime vs. $22.96 (with Prime) for the CCBuck 371.  If you are going to buy one spend the extra $5 and get the real one.  I would have if Walmart had carried t hem as well as the CCBuck.


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Phil, your Internets is in the mail.

Everyone else might as well go home.

The last line in a post from today by Random Nuclear Strikes.

I’d weep for them, but someday they’ll miss a safety warning label and we won’t have to worry about them taking our oxygen any more.

No way I can top that.

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So… What’s in your night stand?

After talking with a friend at work today, I went digging through my night stand looking for my Buck Folding Hunter (Buck Model 110).   If  you are going to have just one folding knife it should be a Buck Folding Hunter.  In fact you could make a good argument that if you could ONLY have one knife it should be a Buck Folding Hunter.

DSC_9946A1 I don’t have that problem.  Mine is on the bottom row, 3rd from the left.  According to the markings on the blade I bought it in 1991.

DSC_9950A1 The little Buck Stockman, Model 301, looks to be a 2008 model (it’s in the middle row, 5th from the left).  I need to send it in and see if Buck will replace or reshape the main blade.  Somehow (I’m sure I was abusing it) I broke just the very tip off.

I’m pretty sure that these two are at least the second of each of these models that I have owned.  Both have rotated in and out of my standard everyday carry knife and the 310 will probably rotate back in after/if I get the blade repaired/replaced.

I know that brother Fritz used to carry a Stockman around so much that he would wear a hole in his pockets, which I’m sure distressed Georgia more then a little.

Along with these I’m sure there are at least 3-5 others  floating around the reloading shed, another 3 folders on the computer desk next to me, and then there are the ones I carry as a matter of daily attire.

In fact I’ve pretty much carried a pocket knife since grade school, just as a matter of course.  Man is a tool using ape and a “Sharp” was one of our first tools.

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A new study shows that Left-wingers swear more.

Please color me Not Surprised.

Left-wingers are more likely to use swear words than their right-leaning counterparts, a study of thousands of Twitter accounts has suggested.

While conservative-leaning individuals are, perhaps unsurprisingly, more likely to use religious terms such as “God” and “psalm”, those on the liberal end of the political spectrum are heavy users of “f***” and “s***” online.

Researchers at Queen Mary University in London analysed more than 10,000 Twitter users who follow either the Republican or Democrat party Twitter accounts.

Like I said.  I’m not at all surprised.  After all everyone knows that “Profanity is the last refuge of an inarticulate motherfucker”.

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The Not So Well Known “Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect”.

“Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.
In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.”

? Michael Crichton

Keep this in mind EVERY TIME you read a News Paper or listen to/watch the news.

Brought to you because I read this post at “View from the Porch“.


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The Butte fire.

The fire started Wednesday the 9th, cause unknown, up in Amador County at 2:26PM (I’m sure that means that is when it was first reported) and quickly showed us that its large paws were not just for show.  With in 6-7 hours it was over 1,200 acres, and then the next day it got into the kibble.

From my memory, by early Thursday it was somewhere north of 15,000 acres and by Friday at 1300 I was leaving  work to pack up and evacuate.  As I write this the town of Murphys is still under an “Evacuation’s Advisory”

Mandatory Evacuation Orders:
San Andreas at Pope, West Murray Creek, Lewis, Miller, San Andreas Elementary, Goldstrike, Mountain Ranch East to Windmill, Wimbledon Drive, Forest Hill, and Turner Court. Please leave the area immediately.
(Amador County) Canyon View, Fig Tree Lane, and Ponderosa Way; Tabeau Road south of Arrowhead to Amador Road, Ranch Drive and Aqueduct Grove Road.
(Calaveras County) Town of Mokelumne Hill, East of Hwy 49 from the Amador/Calaveras County line South to Goldstrike Road. South on Goldstrike Road to the Community of San Andreas. Rural areas East of San Andreas to Mountain Ranch Road. Mountain Ranch Road to Calaveritas Road to Fourth Crossing. Fourth Crossing to Hwy 49. East side of Hwy 49 South to North side of Hwy 4 (Angels Camp). North side of Hwy 4 East to Town of Arnold. All of SR 26 from Mokelumne Hill, North to the Amador/Calaveras County line. To include the communities of Glencoe, Westpoint, and Wilseyville. San Andreas at Pope, West Murray Creek, Lewis, Miller, San Andreas Elementary, Goldstrike, Mountain Ranch East to Windmill, Wimbledon Drive, Forest Hill, and Turner Court.
Evacuations Advisory:
(Amador County) Hwy 88 from Ranch Road East to Tiger Creek Road (Red Corral and Buckhorn Areas).
(Calaveras County) City of Angels Camp, Hwy 49 South to Hwy 4 South at the city limits of Angels Camp. Town of Arnold, Northwest of Hwy 4 includes sub-divisions of Lakemont, Mill Woods and Meadowmont. Hwy 4 North to Sheep Ranch Road/Blue Lake Springs sub-division, Big Trees State Park, Town of Dorrington, Town of Murphys and Forest Meadows. Town of San Andreas. Poole Station Road, Carroll Kennedy Road, Cement Plant Road, Demearest Mine Road, Oak Valley Road, Gelding Road, Stallion Road, Deer Creek Road, Copello Road.

Actually if you plot  “East side of Hwy 49 South to North side of Hwy 4 (Angels Camp). North side of Hwy 4 East to Town of Arnold” on a map it looks to me that Murphys is in the “Mandatory Evacuation” area.  They just cut out an exemption for some large population areas.

Butte 01



Just to give  you an idea of where the fire is located.





A little closer now.

Butte 02









And closer.

Butte 03









Butte 04


We are somewhere in the blue circle.






Butte 05


Between Rocky Hill and Wyldwood.

In theory the fireline is about 2 -2.5 miles from our house.




Butte 06


However, I think the reality is that a Bull Dozer line was cut on top of Esmeralda Ridge and backfires stopped the actual fire from crossing it or reaching us.

Be that as it may, on Saturday night we could see a very strong orange glow over the ridge behind our house.

Monika called me, just after lunch Friday, and requested my presence to help pack up and evacuate my folks and our family.  About 4 or 5 that afternoon, after packing and waiting to see if it was needed we joined the row of cars evacuating from the High Country and Murphys area.

The folks rented a room at the Days Inn in Sonora and Monika, myself and company spent the night at Monika’s aunt and uncles place in Columbia.  Karl and Riley drove back home to spend the night in our house along with other neighbors who did not evacuate.  Saturday morning around 11 we picked up my folks and joined them.

Thanks to God, light winds and hard working Fire Crews Murphys was spared.  We did spend all day Saturday and Sunday with the cars packed and the trailer hooked up to the van ready to bail if the fire topped the ridge behind us, which rumor  said was imminent at any moment.

Looting has been reported (reason #25,798,045 why I carry a gun), every thing from people on motorcycles doing smash and grabs to groups of fake firefighters.  The best solution proposed that I’ve read is to hog tie them to a tree and let God decide what to do with them.

At various times on Saturday and Sunday we heard and saw fire bombers, both a Boeing 727 and a C130, flying low overhead getting setup to drop retardant on the fire a ridge or two over.

Today, unlike the last 3 days, there is little smoke and only light ash falling on us, unfortunately the winds have picked up here in Murphys.  It seems to be from the South however so that should keep the fire from us even while it feeds it.  As long as the wind does not shift we should be OK.

Currently they are calling the fire to be 71,063 acres and 30% contained.  135 homes destroyed as well as 79 outbuildings.

Monika and I personally know at least 10 family’s, friends and co-workers mostly, who know that their homes have been destroyed.  Several more still don’t know.

One of the better sites for information is

Along with Cal Fire

The latest update has this.

Fire behavior forecast:

The decrease in temperature and increase in humidity today will do little to moderate the fire activity. The grass and light fuels will be affected slightly, decreasing their receptiveness to fire brands. The lag time for larger fuels is longer than the effect of the increased humidity and will still readily burn. Due to the drought the brush and trees are at critical fuel moisture levels and will produce large number of fire brands when actively burning. This high number of fire brands will increase the potential for spotting in the lighter fuels, even with higher humidity levels. The fuels and winds have been the main carrier of fire and with the increase in wind the fire has potential to grow to the northeast. Watch for trees near the fires edge for torching and casting embers across the line. Spotting from the brush will be over X mile and from trees up to 1 mile.

The northeast portion in the Mokelumne River drainage will be active with a strong southwest wind increasing spread to the east. The drainage splits into two main branches with a dominant ridge in-between. If fire becomes established in both sides of the canyon there will be two separate head fires. The east side of the fire has transition areas from trees and brush into grass fields. Spotting into these fields is a strong possibility with the increasing wind. These spots will have a rapid rate of spread and will transition again into brush and timber. The south portion of the fire is in the grass oak woodland, which has the high potential for spot fires, however the wind should be. more favorable for control efforts. There is still potential for a spot to cross the line with the increasing wind and get into the San Antonio Creek drainage. The east side of the fire is also in the grass oak woodland and will have favorable winds during and changing directions across the line in the overnight hours. Spotting potential will be reduced in the overnight hours but is still a strong possibility.

As I sit here now I’m listening to the bombers working on the edge of  it up by Sheep Ranch.



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The Best Smartphone you can buy.*


My wife has an Apple iPhone 6, both daughters have iPhone 5s’s and my son has a Samsung Galaxy 5s.

I, on the Gripping Hand, have a Huawei Model Y536A1, that I bought at Walmart and feed monthly through AT&T.

The actual specifications do not, at first glance, seem all that world shaking, and the built-in camera is in no way as good as the camera in my wife’s iPhone, but it is adequate.  However the phone cost only me $60.

Not $60 every other month for 2 years and not $23.95 a month for 2 years.  No. It. Cost. Me. $60.  Once.

Oh and have I mentioned that since it only cost me $60 I don’t have an insurance contract for it?  That saves me another $5 -$10 a month, or $60 – $120 a year.  Hell I could throw it away ever 3 months and buy a new replacement and it would be still be cheaper at the end of 2 years then any of the phones my family has.

How does it work? I hear you ask.

Quite well.  It makes and receives phone calls very nicely.  I can send and receive texts** as well as any other phone.  It takes adequate photos for documenting things at work.  All this, plus notes, calendar, a stop watch/alarm clock, a music player (the first thing I did was put a 16GB MicroSD card in it, it will handle up to a 32GB and I don’t discount its ability to handle larger), a book reader, Spider Solitaire and any other App that I want to download from the Google Store.  Along with all the above it has a battery that will go 3+ days with moderate use plus unlimited text and talk in North America for $30 a month.

Only text and talk, for me thank you very much. 4G data is available but do I look fucking retarded enough to pay an additional $10 a month for 1.5GB of data or an extra $25 a month for 4GB (both of those prices include a $5 a month discount for signing up for “Auto Refill”)?  Don’t answer that.
The answer is no, I’m not that stupid, wireless works quite well around civilization and away from civilization I don’t care.

Have I mentioned that I only paid $60 for it?  Have I also mentioned that after I own it for 6 months AT&T will send me the key to root privileges on it.  I should mention that it came preloaded with a bunch of crap software on it.  Root privileges should enable me to take care of that.

So what is the perfect “SmartPhone”.  Dammed if I know but I think I’m on the right tack.

  1. Be a good phone
  2. Have root capability.
  3. Be small.
  4. Have a long battery life.
  5. Be a good camera.
  6. Have the ability to take a large MicroSD card.
  7. Have no apps preinstalled,  only the ability to get to the Google Store*** and download the apps and only the apps I / you want.
  8. Have wireless capability.
  9. Have GPS, and the ability to turn it off.
  10. Have very GOOD encryption.
  11. 4G capability for those who need it.
  12. Cost less then $200
  13. Be water proof.
  14. No contract needed.

You find me all that and I’ll drop my Huawei, other wise I’m sticking to it.

Have I mentioned that it only cost me $60?

1)  I’m not convinced that the word “Best” should ever be applied to a Smartphone and
2)  I’m not to sure about the use of the word “Smart” in Smartphone.

** Dammit all, I hate texts and texting.  Think about it, typing things out on a miniature keyboard is SO much more efficient then actually talking to someone, it is truly amazing that it took us, as a species, so long to figure that out.

*** I’m not that fond of the Google Store and Google itself, but it’s better then dealing with Apple.

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Windows 10

I did my “Free” upgrade to “Windows Hello Kitty” aka Windows 10 last night.

I made sure all Windows 7 updates were done did a backup and told the PC to go ahead.

It seemed to boot fast and seemed to have all my programs and settings.  Well except for my Printer Driver and Video Card.  Too bad it looks like a version of Windows designed for 8 year olds.  In fact I’ve had more then one person tell me that screen looked like an XBox with the large clunky icons.

Once I got the right video driver installed it actually seemed like a pretty responsive OS and in fact, someday I might (or might not) go back to it.

Until then it’s nice to know that Macrium Reflect restored the image I’d made the night before (I told you I did a backup) in under 10 minutes.

Maybe I’ll download one of the newer Linux Distros and give that a try.  Something about Windows HK just gives me the creeps.

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Down to the old bridge and back.

Monika and I had wanted to walk down to the old bridge over Melones ever since it started emerging a couple of weeks ago.  Last Saturday (the 4th) we did,  however talking a 14 year old into going with us, early, was not easy.  Be that as it may, Kat agreed to get up at the ungodly hour of 0645, on a Saturday, in summer, and go with us.

In fact we got out the door a little after 7 and actually started the hike about 7:15 – 7:20. Given the temperatures that weekend I would not have been upset if we had left the house at 6 and started the hike at 6:15.

It is actually a pretty easy hike down and back, the road is pretty much intact for most of the way down, on the Tuolumne County side, at least.  I’m very sure that I would not take our van down, but my old 2 wheel drive Pickup would have no problems.

Natures way of saying

Still a pretty good way above the high water



Katarina decided that this is natures way of telling mankind to “F” Off.

I’d have to say she was right.







On the way Down


Just about to the high water mark and a nice view of the new bridge.






Moon set over the new bridge.   A composite of 3 or 4 different photos.


Microsoft’s ICE was used to create the composite photo.
The Old Bridge


First sighting of the old bridge from the trail/road  on the way down.





New from the Old
Standing on the old bridge and looking at the new bridge.


BothBridgesNew and Old bridges.

RileyRiley looking sort of Rileyish.

It's Hot


It was  hot.  Riley kept trying to get to the water and going knee deep into the mud.

I think by the time we climbed back up to the car is was mid 90’s and only 10:45 or so.











20 plus years of being under water.







Someone found it necessary to drive/push this car off the road and into the lake, and shoot it 19 times by Katarina’s count.



TheOldCar 2


It was a pretty nice car at one time.






Monika and I plan on making at least one more trip down towards the end of summer.  Just to see how low the water gets.  All in all it is a pretty nice hike, just plan on going early in the morning to beat the heat, take water and look out for rattlesnakes.

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