Junior Rifle

Tonight was the second night back for Kat with the Junior Rifle league/class. The first night consists of a “What to Expect and Safety” Lecture and then an Eddie Eagle Video. Pay your $25 fee, if you brought it with you, and see you next week.

Well tonight was next week. After work I picked up Kat, from Monika, at the local Subway, we quickly got a couple of sandwiches and drove down to the gun club, getting there by 5:45.

At 6:00 they started with a lecture on gun handling, safety and shooting, along with the proper sight picture. Then they started the shooting, 10 meters and 10 at a time using club guns. Kat was not in the first relay, which was a little strange because they have always deliberately tried to let the folk with the longest drives shoot early. So the kids can get home and either do homework* or get to sleep.

They were calling the second relay when I went up and talked to one of the ranges masters. “Yes we are still doing that… But I put Kat in the 7:30 time slot because she will be shooting 3 Position this year. Shes good enough that, with practice she can make the team, and I want her out there shooting the AR’s”.   I think they remembered her from last year.

I told the range master that I was all for that, but it was up to Kat.  In the end they put Kat in the second relay and after shooting Kat and I talked to the range master. She was eager and willing so next week we show up at 7:30 and she will shoot twice, to make up for missing out today. While we were talking to the range master one of the assistant coaches, who had been watching and helping out on Kat’s relay, came up and jokingly said, to the effect “she should not be shooting with this group, move her up, she’s sandbagging”.

Needless to say Kat’s stoked, I’m happy (and proud) and we will be showing up at 7:30 from now on.


* They emphasize that any child whose schooling suffers (as reported by the parents) because of the shooting will not be allowed to shoot.

** Also trip #3 to the range this year, even if I did not shoot.

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“Obama Moves on Methane”

Says the headline at Drudge.

Well hell, I knew he was full of it….

Oh… that’s what they meant.  Well that makes sense also.  Anything that helps the country’s economy has to be hindered.


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Someone in the Media gets it.


While Gutfeld criticized the president for not showing up to a unity rally in France over the weekend, he mostly criticized the failed focus of the media, saying “this outrage is going to get lost among fake concern. For instead of learning lessons about evil, the media returns to platitudes on tolerance like a forgetful dog eating its own vomit, Kimberly. Meanwhile, in Nigeria thieves placed bombs on young girls, killing 20, this after Boko Haram murdered 2,000. That got lost in the Paris shuffle, and no arm-linking chant of famous names and faces is going to stop that. So, forgive me if a march for unity leaves me cold. It should be a march for war. Forget unity in the name of tolerance, we need unity of will needed to destroy evil. We are now dealing with a death cult aided by a fifth column that deems the war on terror Islamophobic.”

Found at Breitbart

Note.  Carry a gun, that you know how to use, everywhere and at all times that you can.

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This may be the best version of Santana’s “Black Magic Woman” I have ever heard.

Your welcome.

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12 useful minutes.

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It really does not get any better then this.

That would have been a jam to see.  Three of the greats.

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So true. So very true.

Big Mandy sent this.

Golf Course














I could not agree more.

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Once we had “Hooverville’s”


A “Hooverville” is the popular name for shanty towns built by homeless people during the Great Depression. They were named after Herbert Hoover, who was President of the United Statesduring the onset of the Depression and widely blamed for it. The term was coined by Charles Michelson, publicity chief of the Democratic National Committee .[1] There were hundreds of Hoovervilles across the country during the 1930s and hundreds of thousands of people lived in these slums.[2]

Now we have ObamaHomes.

DETROIT (AP) – An unusual home taking shape inside General Motors’ sprawling Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant is intended to be part of a movement to rebuild the city’s economy and deteriorating, disappearing housing stock.

Skilled-trades workers, taking breaks from their tasks at the factory that produces the electric Chevrolet Volt and other vehicles, dart in and out to do door, window and wall installation and framing, as well as electrical and plumbing work. Meanwhile, a nonprofit urban farming group is preparing property a few miles away that will welcome the project, what’s believed to be the city’s first occupied shipping container homestead.

How proud president obama must be.

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The Legands of my people

Say that “He (or She, my peoples legends are non-discriminatory) who spends the first day of the new year shooting many guns will have luck all year long”.  And yes I copied that from last years post.

Monika, Kat, Karl and I spent a quiet New Years Eve together, then this morning Monika and I took Riley for a walk.  Later, while Monika attended a friends “New Years House Party and Jam Session”, I went to the range.

I sighted in the second of the two “Match” AR’s I built this summer and did a much better job this time then with the first one. The first 2 shots at 50 yards, from a sandbagged rest, were pretty close to dead on left to right and about 6″ low.  Crank in 6 clicks of elevation and fire 3 more.  Another 3 or 4 clicks of elevation and 5 rounds looked close enough to take the gun to the 100 yard range.

I let the AR cool for a while while I fired 100+ rounds of 38sp through the S&W 642.

Shooting two handed, at 7 yards, also single handed, both left and right hand, at 7 yards and shooting while moving backwards and laterally.

SnW642Just for fun I took 5 shots at a small Bulls-eye from 7 yards.  Despite the, admittedly crude sights, the gun is more then adequately accurate.  If I miss it’s my fault.

Then it was time to take the AR up to the 100 yard range.

2nd MatchAR 1

5 shots and a peep through the spotting scope, then finish the last 5 in the mag.


Load up another mag and repeat2nd MatchAR 2

I’m happy.  Just crank in a couple clicks right windage and I think I’m good.

Now to get back into the reloading shed and start loading for these two guns.  I need to shoot some matches this year.


Happy New Year

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Life is tough…

Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.

John Wayne


On December 20, 16-year-old Jawaad Jabbar arrived at the mall too late to get a pair of limited edition Air Jordan athletic shoes, so he pulled a gun on a man who did get a pair and asked him to hand over the shoes. Instead of complying, the would-be victim–a concealed carry permit holder–pulled his own gun and shot the teen dead.

I’d like to say that I’m sorry Jawaad is dead.  However he drew a gun on a man and so caused his own death.

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