Slowly, ever so slowly I’m getting better.

I think.

I shot the Daisy 747 Sunday, then again yesterday and today.

Sunday I managed a 66, 75, 65 and then a 74.

Yesterday I pulled off a 66 followed by a 44 (first time in a couple of weeks I pulled one completely off the target), then a 78 and my last was a 76.

Today I only shot 30 rounds.
Daisy 13 Daisy 14 Daisy 15








A 77,  then a 83 which was followed by a 65.

I guess you can teach a middle aged dog new tricks.

If I remember back to when I first started shooting I see improvement.  It will be interesting to see how much, if any, better I can get over the summer.

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Hillary Clinton Lying for 13 minutes. Just in case you missed everywhere else.

Actually I figure that at the least she has been lying since she was (maybe?) kicked off the Watergate Investigation for unethical behavior back in ’74.

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“The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” — Margaret Thatcher

As demonstrated by Bernie Sanders wife and the College she ran.

Burlington College announced today that it will close on May 27 after it found itself unable to recover from “the crushing weight of the debt” incurred under Jane O’Meara Sanders, the college’s former president and wife of Bernie Sanders.

At the end of 2010, Ms. Sanders took out $10 million in loans on behalf of Burlington College to purchase a 32-acre swathe of land from the Roman Catholic diocese, which put the land up for sale to help cover the costs of a $17 million sexual-abuse settlement.

At least she got her severance package out of it, so I guess it was not a complete loss However if we were to follow 8 years of Barack with 4 years of Bernie or Hillary I’m pretty sure that the country would be a complete loss.  Even then I’m sure THEY would get their severance package.  After all some animals are more equal then others.

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Well that’s more than a little depressing.

The Smallest Minority may be hanging up his spurs.  It seems like I’ve been reading him for forever (and in computer years I think I might have been).

His last Überpost is here and it is more then a little depressing.

Read it and weep.

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I’ve been avoiding writing this, mostly because I’m lazy.

Kat and I saw “The Jungle Book” several weeks ago and I must say that I highly recommend seeing it.

It’s a good movie and the special effects are nothing short of awesome.

I just wish that someday someone who actually had read Kipling’s  “Jungle Book” would actually make a movie of it.

I mean “The Jungle Book” is a great movie.  They even got the names right, there is a boy “Mowgli” and a pack of Wolves, a Bear, a Leopard, some Monkeys* and a Tiger.  There is also a supporting cast of miscellaneous other Indian Jungle critters.  What they did not get, what they did not make, was a movie version of Kipling’s Jungle Book.

For crying out loud in the book Kaa helped Baloo and Bagheera rescue Mowgli from the Bandar-log, and later, as I recall, became a friend of Mowgli’s.

That is the least of the errors they made.

I could cry.  The movie was enjoyable, but I’ll bet most of those who see the movie will never read the real Jungle Book, because “I saw the movie, why should I read the book?” and they will never know what Hollywood has cheated them of.

Hell if Hollywood had wanted to they could have had as many or more hours of movie out of the Jungle Books as they managed to get out of Tolkien’s Trilogy.  You could get at least an hour long movie from Rikki Tikki Tavi**.

If you just kept with the Stories with Mowgli in them you could probably get two or three long movies made.

Instead we get the regurgitated crap that Hollywood keeps churning out.


*At this point I don’t recall if any of said monkeys had prehensile tails or not.

** Run and find out.

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Shooting the Daisy

Well I wanted to shoot every weekend.  I figured that 30 rounds each Saturday and Sunday would be easy.

Well it would except that for the last several weekends I’ve either been busy or it has been raining.  Or both.  However today I made it out to the “Range” Daisy 1 Daisy 2Daisy 3 Daisy 4aka the back yard

My first session was the best, but I honestly can not complain about the session as a whole.

I could feel myself getting tired and stopped myself at 40 rounds rather then the 50 I had planned on.

I’ll try and shoot another 30 – 40 rounds tomorrow.

Remember, as the Queen of Snark says.  If you don’t shoot weekly,  you will shoot weakly.

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Truck and More truck (update)

Head gasket is gone according to one of the two shops I use and trust.  (Well not gone but it’s “Tired and shagged out after a long squawk“).

About $1,500 to fix, or more depending on if they find or do other things that might be needed on a truck that has 317,100 miles or so on it.

I guess I’ll check and see if joining the Credit Union at work will help me buy something.

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Happy Mothers Day.

Just thought I would throw this out there to my Mother and my wife (also a mother of 3). Both of whom have managed to refrain from strangling me in my sleep.

From my point of view that was and is a good thing.

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Raven-Symone Flashback

“My confession for this election is if any Republican gets nominated, I’m gonna move to Canada with my entire family. Is that bad?”

Well I guess she could argue that Trump is not a Republican and I’m not sure I could argue against that belief.  However it’s looking real likely that he will get nominated as the Republican candidate.

Just checking.  So, yo… R-S, you still planning to leave?

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The good news is

Well I don’t need to buy a new set of tires for the truck, nor do I have to fix the front suspension.

None of that matters now.  It’s got a blown head gasket.

317,025 miles.  Damn Japanese car, they sure don’t build them like they used to.

It’s a good thing to, or it would have been junked 200,000+ thousand miles ago.


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