The Hillary Clinton Countdown Clock.

How long has it been since Hillary took a question from the press?

Credit for the clock.

And yes.  Someday I’ll have to update or delete this post.

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New Melones Reservoir. Update

Worse drought ever.  Well I beg to differ, but in any event it is a bad one.

NML InflowInflow in to New Melones Reservoir since July 1st, 2014.  Unmassaged data, I rather suspect that January 14th did not actually find water running up-stream out of the reservoir.  I also sort of wonder about the 6K plus peak inflow in earlier Febuary.  However I do recall we had a nice storm or two around then and if you look at the actual data (link provided below) you see it actually builds up and drops over several days.


NML ElevNew Melones Reservoir water lever (elevation above sea level) since July 1st, 2014


NML OutflowNew Melones Reservoir Outflow since July 1st, 2014

All in all we are still a hundred thirty feet or so from the lowest I’ve ever seen the reservoir (October, 1992 @ 721′)


Download your own data.

Use NML as the station ID and nothing for Sensor #.

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Lets play the “Guess the Party” game.

The headline is:

Police hunt for Michigan state senator after shooting at his home.

Seven paragraphs.  Mostly very short, and we don’t learn the Party affiliation of the state senator until paragraph 5.

Smith, a Democrat, represents parts of Detroit, Dearborn and all of Allen Park. He is chairman of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus, and is currently serving a second term as a state senator for the state’s 4th Senate District.

And this is a Fox News.  Just try and make me believe that Fox is VERY conservative.  The Hell it is.  It has more then a few conservative commentators* but the news department of Fox is probably slightly to the Left of Center.

*Probably because Conservative talk radio and commentary make money instead of hemorrhaging it.  Compare Rush vs. Air America.

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Trip #15 and a High Power Match.

Well the calendar said there was supposed to be local match at the range yesterday.  I showed up a little before 8am and there was no one at the rifle range.  I wandered down to the Trap Range and asked if I had misread the calendar and was told that “No, there is supposed to be a match, but maybe everyone is down at the other match in Coalinga”.

Well that may be where they were but it would have been nice to put a notice on the website or even a sign on the range saying so.  Two other gents showed up about the time I finished 30 rounds of a new load in the AR.  They were another couple of first timers looking for the match.

I let them have the rifle range and headed over to the 25 yard pistol range for a little quality time with the S&W 642 , the Kimber Pro Carry II and the Springfield.

About 50 rounds out of each, I had fun.  I still want to get a shot timer however.  I tried a “Shot Timer” App for my phone and decided it was a waste of time.

All in all not a bad way to start a Saturday.

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Trip #14 all AR all lunch.

I took my AR out to the range with 2 new loads for lunch today.

TAA 09 Brass
Remington 7 1/2 primers
BLC-2 powder 25.5gr and 26.0gr
Prvi Partizan 69gr HPBT bullets

100+ yards, sand bags and iron sights.

AR15 No2 03302015 1The setup.  Prior to shooting today I dialed in two clicks Right and 2 clicks Down.  I’m thinking maybe one more click to the Right and one click Up.

Or maybe I should shoot a few more groups and see.



The first group 26.0gr BLC-2
AR15 No2 03302015 2I estimate that this is 1 1/2″ to 2″ High and Wide.  That is only an estimate because I lost the target.  I either left it on the  bench or in the back of my pickup when I left the range.  In any case it is no longer with me.




Second group with 26.0gr BLC-2
AR15 No2 03302015 3Not quite as nice as the first group.  1 15/16″ High x 3″ Wide.  However 9* went into 1 15/16″ High x 2 1/4″ Wide.





Third group, first with 25.5gr BLC-2.  The barrel is getting pretty warm about now.
AR15 No2 03302015 4

2 1/4″ Wide x 2 1/4″ High





Fourth group, the second with 25.5gr BLC-2.  The barrel is getting pretty hot at this point.
AR15 No2 03302015 5

3″ Wide x 2 5/8″ High





I think I can justify one more click right and one back up for my next outing.

I probably have another 120 of those bullets left.  Powder Valley still has them in stock for $14.66 a hundred plus shipping.  Which, as I recall brought the price up to about $20 a hundred.  Still cheaper (but probably not as good) as Sierra 69gr HPBT’s ($20.69 + shipping).  I just might have to call them and see how much shipping would be for 4 or 5 hundred.  In any case I still have enough to do some load development.  I should probably do 20 rounds at 26.3gr and another 20 at 26.5 or 6grs and see which way the accuracy goes.

In any case I had fun today at lunch.

*But if I follow that logic to its conclusion then I shot 40 0.0″ groups today.

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Trips #12 and #13.

I hit the range yesterday (3/26/15) and today.  Yesterday I re-acquainted myself with a couple of revolvers, a 38sp and a 22LR, at ranges of 5 to 25 yards, and today I played with the XD and again with the 38sp.

Probably a 125 – 150 rounds.  I had fun but I’ve been shooting the AR’s a lot and neglecting the pistols, and I felt it.

Bummer I just might have to shoot twice a week, once with the AR or other long gun and once with a pistol or revolver.

It will be tough but someone has to make the sacrifice.

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Range trip #11 aka A new trigger in the AR

I think I had a “Trigasam” today at lunch.  You have to remember that until now this AR 15 had either the worst or second worst trigger* I have EVER felt.  Had to be every bit of 10-11lbs, creepy, gritty, long and, in general and particular, sucky.  Hell it made the stock trigger on my HandyRifle feel like a match trigger.

This trigger is every bit that they describe.  Two stage.  The first stage has  probably less then a 10th of an inch of take up and is no more then 2lbs.    The second stage is not much, if any, heaver (in fact it may be lighter) and has only the very slightest bit of creep before the break

I took 20 rounds with me.  Just a thrown together load that has not been worked on at all.
TAA 09 Brass
25g BLC-2
69g Prvi Partizan HPBT**
Rem 7 1/2 Primer

The first shot on the left target was a surprise.  Despite having dry fired the gun the night before after installing the trigger, once I got to the range I yanked the trigger like it still weighed 12lbs.  After that I settled down and loved the trigger***.

100+ yards (closer to 107-108), Bench, Sand bags and Iron sights.

I’ll be honest this is my first aftermarket trigger.  My old hunting rifle (a +5 Rifle of Blacktail Slaying) has had a little work done on it, but it and every other gun I own still has the factory trigger.  Mostly I work around the gun rather then the other way around

AR15 No2 03252015 1







AR15 No2 03252015 2







AR15 No2 03252015 3







The target on the left is 1 15/16″ x 2 3/4″s and the target on the right is 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″s

I need to remember to crank in two clicks Right and Down before I shoot next time.  I’ll probably load 20 with 25.5g and another 20 with 26g and see if groups go up or down.

Earlier trips produced groups like these.  With the crap trigger, different bullets and a little load development.  I could shoot the other trigger, this is just much easier.

All in all I highly recommend this trigger.


*The other AR is every bit as bad.
**Bought from Powder Valley.
***I’ll be in my bunk.

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Jerry Miculek on .Fed over reach, aka the ban on M855 ammo.

It’s also worth noting that BATFE has ALREADY released their new rule book disallowing the M855 ammo despite the fact that their own “Public Comment” period is not up for another 7 days.

Like I ever expected the .Gov or this administration to follow the law.

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He did warn us.

obama-successStolen from “Moonbattery

Looking at the changes, not ALL wrong, that have happened to this country, in the last 20 years, I honestly think that my children will not inherit a country as free as the one my brothers and I did.

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MSNBC host hopes Trayvon Martin ‘whooped the shit out of George Zimmerman’

Melissa Harris-Perry proved this week that she is low class and does not actually follow an real “News” source.

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry said during an address at Cornell University this week that she hopes 17-year-old Trayvon Martin “whooped the s–t” out of gunman George Zimmerman during their fatal encounter in 2012.


Harris-Perry’s address, which was captured and uploaded to YouTube by the university’s conservative group, the Cornell Review, continued: “And I hope he whooped the s–t out of George Zimmerman. And it’s not disreputable because he encountered a stranger who was prepared to kill him, and you know how I know? Because he killed him.”

Actually,you stupid bitch,  if you had followed the case from with an open mind and via any honest News source, you would have known that Trayvon Martin did and that, and only that, is the reason that he died.

Try here, or here or just go to Legal Insurrection and do a search for “George Zimmerman”

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