Trips 12 and 13.

I hit the range yesterday (3/26/15) and today.  Yesterday I re-acquainted myself with a couple of revolvers, a 38sp and a 22LR, at ranges of 5 to 25 yards, and today I played with the XD and again with the 38sp.

Probably a 125 – 150 rounds.  I had fun but I’ve been shooting the AR’s a lot and neglecting the pistols, and I felt it.

Bummer I just might have to shoot twice a week, once with the AR or other long gun and once with a pistol or revolver.

It will be tough but someone has to make the sacrifice.

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Range trip #11 aka A new trigger in the AR

I think I had a “Trigasam” today at lunch.  You have to remember that until now this AR 15 had either the worst or second worst trigger* I have EVER felt.  Had to be every bit of 10-11lbs, creepy, gritty, long and, in general and particular, sucky.  Hell it made the stock trigger on my HandyRifle feel like a match trigger.

This trigger is every bit that they describe.  Two stage.  The first stage has  probably less then a 10th of an inch of take up and is no more then 2lbs.    The second stage is not much, if any, heaver (in fact it may be lighter) and has only the very slightest bit of creep before the break

I took 20 rounds with me.  Just a thrown together load that has not been worked on at all.
TAA 09 Brass
25g BLC-2
69g Prvi Partizan HPBT**
Rem 7 1/2 Primer

The first shot on the left target was a surprise.  Despite having dry fired the gun the night before after installing the trigger, once I got to the range I yanked the trigger like it still weighed 12lbs.  After that I settled down and loved the trigger***.

100+ yards (closer to 107-108), Bench, Sand bags and Iron sights.

I’ll be honest this is my first aftermarket trigger.  My old hunting rifle (a +5 Rifle of Blacktail Slaying) has had a little work done on it, but it and every other gun I own still has the factory trigger.  Mostly I work around the gun rather then the other way around

AR15 No2 03252015 1







AR15 No2 03252015 2







AR15 No2 03252015 3







The target on the left is 1 15/16″ x 2 3/4″s and the target on the right is 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″s

I need to remember to crank in two clicks Right and Down before I shoot next time.  I’ll probably load 20 with 25.5g and another 20 with 26g and see if groups go up or down.

Earlier trips produced groups like these.  With the crap trigger, different bullets and a little load development.  I could shoot the other trigger, this is just much easier.

All in all I highly recommend this trigger.


*The other AR is every bit as bad.
**Bought from Powder Valley.
***I’ll be in my bunk.

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Jerry Miculek on .Fed over reach, aka the ban on M855 ammo.

It’s also worth noting that BATFE has ALREADY released their new rule book disallowing the M855 ammo despite the fact that their own “Public Comment” period is not up for another 7 days.

Like I ever expected the .Gov or this administration to follow the law.

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He did warn us.

obama-successStolen from “Moonbattery

Looking at the changes, not ALL wrong, that have happened to this country, in the last 20 years, I honestly think that my children will not inherit a country as free as the one my brothers and I did.

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MSNBC host hopes Trayvon Martin ‘whooped the shit out of George Zimmerman’

Melissa Harris-Perry proved this week that she is low class and does not actually follow an real “News” source.

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry said during an address at Cornell University this week that she hopes 17-year-old Trayvon Martin “whooped the s–t” out of gunman George Zimmerman during their fatal encounter in 2012.


Harris-Perry’s address, which was captured and uploaded to YouTube by the university’s conservative group, the Cornell Review, continued: “And I hope he whooped the s–t out of George Zimmerman. And it’s not disreputable because he encountered a stranger who was prepared to kill him, and you know how I know? Because he killed him.”

Actually,you stupid bitch,  if you had followed the case from with an open mind and via any honest News source, you would have known that Trayvon Martin did and that, and only that, is the reason that he died.

Try here, or here or just go to Legal Insurrection and do a search for “George Zimmerman”

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I want to try the “Warren Buffett”diet.

How does the world’s top investor, at 84 years old, wake up every day and face the world with boundless energy?

“I’m one quarter Coca-Cola,” Warren Buffett says.

When he told me this in a phone call yesterday (we were talking about the death of his friend, former Coca-Cola president Don Keough), I assumed he was talking about his stock portfolio.

No, Buffett explained, “If I eat 2700 calories a day, a quarter of that is Coca-Cola. I drink at least five 12-ounce servings. I do it everyday.”


Asked to explain the high-sugar, high-salt diet that has somehow enabled him to remain seemingly healthy, Buffett replies: “I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old.” The octogenarian adds, “It’s the safest course I can take.”

Makes sense to me.

Actually I gave up sodas about 11 to 12 years ago.  For years I was drinking up to 5 or 6 a day and gave that up cold turkey.  About 4 years ago I got started again (I just had one, to start, honest) and was quickly back up to 4+ a day.  Then I started getting really bad heart burn, I mean bad.  I finally put two and too together and tried a few experiments and figured out it was the sodas causing them.

I quite the sodas and heart burn stopped.   It’s been at least 3 years now.


Damn, I miss Root Beer floats.

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Range trip #10

No shooting tonight, just the awards ceremony for the Junior Rifle class.  Kat took 5th (out of 10-12 or so) in her division.  High Master.  Effectively she was fifth overall, out of 45-55 kids.

I’m happy.  If I can round up a gun for her to practice with (other then my scope sighted Ruger 1022) she will do much better next time.

Still I’m proud and happy.  If she wants to she could be a very good shooter.

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How Lodge Cast Iron Pans are made.

Even though I have one Lodge frying pan I honestly don’t like Lodge Cast Iron all that much.  Its pretty rough, at least when compared it to older, mostly pre World War II cast iron.  However this video is pretty damn fascinating.  I almost expected to see Mike Rowe working there.

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Printing a new Trachea.

Using 3D Printing, MakerBot and Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Create Cartilage to Repair Tracheal Damage

“Making a windpipe or trachea is uncharted territory,” noted Mr. Goldstein. “It has to be rigid enough to withstand coughs, sneezes and other shifts in pressure, yet flexible enough to allow the neck to move freely. With 3D printing, we were able to construct 3D-printed scaffolding that the surgeons could immediately examine and then we could work together in real time to modify the designs. MakerBot was extremely helpful and consulted on optimizing our design files so they would print better and provided advice on how to modify the MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer to print with PLA and the biomaterial. We actually found designs to modify the printer on MakerBot’s Thingiverse website to print PLA with one extruder and the biomaterial with the other extruder. We 3D printed the needed parts with our other MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer, and used them to modify the MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer so that we could better iterate and test our ideas.”

“The ability to prototype, examine, touch, feel and then redesign within minutes, within hours, allows for the creation of this type of technology,” says Dr. Smith. “If we had to send out these designs to a commercial printer far away and get the designs back several weeks later, we’d never be where we are today.”

I have to admit that that is pretty damned exciting.  However lets move on to more important things.  Like medial meniscus.  I’ll take a pair, one each left and right.  Or a right side AC joint and a quarter of an inch of clavicle.

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Range trips #8 and #9

Tuesday was Junior Rifle for Katarina.  I picked her up at school at 7:30 and drove to the range, arriving about 8:25 or so.  Just as the last, but her, relay was starting.

After a school day and volleyball tryouts Kat was tired and not sure that she shot all that well.  But we will see, that was the last day of shooting, the awards banquet is next week.

Today I took my AR and two different loads to the range for lunch.  After experiencing some pierced primers with the TAA 9 brass I was advised to try Remington 7 1/2 primers.  So I picked up 400 at the store a week or so ago.

5.56 Rem7.5 1

All shooting was at 100+ yards off sandbags.  Iron sights.  All groups are 10 shots.

1)    2 1/2″ Wide x 1 1/2″ High     TAA 9 brass, 26.1g BLC-2  on top of a Rem 7 1/2 primer.  55g Midway bulk pack Spitzer Soft Point. I think, don’t hold me to this but I think, these are Hornady manufacture bullets.




5.56 Rem7.5 2


#2    3 1/2″ Wide  x 2 3/8s” High  TAA 9 brass, 26.1g BLC-2  on top of a Rem 7 1/2 primer.  55g  bulk pack S193 bullet FMJ.





5.56 Rem7.5 3


#3    1 1/2″ Wide x 1 7/8s” High.    TAA 9 brass, 26.1g BLC-2  on top of a Rem 7 1/2 primer.   Once again this was 55g Midway bulk pack Spitzer Soft Point.

A little tighter then the either of the first two groups.  Either I’m warming up, the gun is breaking in (I doubt that I have 100 rounds through this gun yet) or I zigged when the gun zagged.  Or just by luck I shot a pretty nice group.


5.56 Rem7.5 4

#4    1 3/4s” Wide x 1 7/8s” High.  55g Midway bulk pack Spitzer Soft Point.  55g  bulk pack S193 bullet FMJ.

Tighter than the first two, but not as nice as the last group.  The advantage might be to the Bulk Midway bullets, however I’d have to shoot a lot more groups with each to be sure.  In any case either will do for practice and my first half dozen or more matches

40 rounds and not a single pierced primer.   It’s looking good.  I might put in 1 click down and 1 or maybe 2 clicks right windage for the next outing.

When I look at these targets I’m not sure that the Rem 7 1/2’s have not cut my group size down by 10% or even more.  Again more shooting would be needed to prove this but I’m happy.  I’ll just have to buy lots more of them.

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