So long to “The Book of the Face”

So long Facebook, farewell, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Facebook rejected a gun stores ad for Gun Safes because

Your ad was rejected because it violates the Ad Guidelines. Ads may not promote firearms, ammunition, or weapons (ex: paintball guns, BB guns, knives, etc.)…This decision is final. Please consider this the end of our correspondence about your ad. 

Hell, anyone who has access to Facebook, that want’s to get my attention, already has a computer and can email me.  If they can’t email me because they don’t have a computer then they are not on Facebook.

I don’t see any reason that I need Facebook.  I only checked it once or twice a week as it was, now I’ll save that little bit of time.

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#46 and 47

Veterans day I had myself a little ceibration involving me, a Handi Rifle in 357 Mag, a Ruger 1022, a S&W Model 642 in 38 Special and a S&W Model 63 in 22LR.

Much fun was had.  I even pulled a 98% at 50+ yards offhand with the 1022

I actually called the high flyer.  Not bad for not having shot that gun in a couple of months.

Remember “If you don’t shoot weekly, you’ll shoot weakly”





Yesterday I ate my lunch in the car on the way to the range and once there I managed, while shooting with two other shooters, to shoot 40 rounds through Kat’s AR.

2 ten shot groups with 26.3 grs of BLC-2 and 2 ten shot groups with 26.8 grs BLC-2

BLC2 1 BLC2 2 BLC2 3 BLC2 4
At this point I think it’s up to me to just pick a load (at least until I can get some Varget powder to try) and get off the bench and start shooting.

Just for grins I’m very inclined to pick 26.5 grs of BLC-2 and go to town with it.

Hell another couple hundred rounds and I’ll need to buy another 500 – 1,000 bullets.

And I haven’t even started working with my rifle.

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How Low Can it Go?

I took this photo of New Melones Reservoir a couple of Saturdays (11/8/14) ago.  At that time the the lake level was 858 ft and change.  Back in 1992 in September and October it fell as low as 721 ft and change.  I make that 137 feet lower then today.

Pray for rain, but its been worse.





How many new reservoirs have been added in Kalifornia since 92?

Not many and all of them are a fraction of the size of Melones.  You would almost think we’v never had a drought around here before.



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Just a quick post for all the veterans.

From Canada we have

And a short film here in America

The last one is a music video from Big & Rich.

Thank you, all of you veterans.

Thank you Dad.

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Case lube. The update.

I bought a small bottle of RCBS Case Lube-2.  If anything this stuff is more viscous then the old stuff I had.  However they say it’s water soluble.  That’s nice.  I’ve got 30 rounds of loaded 223 in the tumbler right now.  In crushed Walnut shells with just a little bit of Odorless Mineral Spirits.  That should clean it off.

26.3grs of BLC-2 in TAA 09 brass, capped with 55gr Hornady bulk bullets.  On top of some of my rapidly dwindling supply of Federal Small Rifle primers.  With luck I’ll get out and shoot tomorrow for lunch.

Same brass, dies and press as the last time.  RCBS case lube vs XXXXXXX (not Dillon’s) spray lube.  Unlike last time, not a single case stuck.

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Just a quick victory dance

Dear Repubs.

That’s all you get.  Now get to work and undo all the crap that president Obola and Harry “The Pedophile” Reid* have done.

The Public


*I have it on good authority that he is.  I can’t name names, but a business man I know who knows Mr. Reid, told me he is.

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Case lube is a wonderful thing.

When you re-size rifle or pistol cases, like …. for example you are reloading for a AR-15 and you bought 1,000 once fired military cases (a 60/40 mixture of TAA-09 and LC-09 for example) and you took two days to tumble every case and another two evenings to full length re-size and de-prime every one of them.  Well in order to re-size the cases you need to lube the cases or that brass, clean or not is going to stick in your re-sizing die.

Then you discover that, even after a hot water/Citric acid bath you can still feel a little of that old RCBS case lube snot that you lubed them all with, on the brass.  That stuff does work, but is very sticky. The best way, that I have found, to get it off my cases is to tumble the re-sized brass or loaded ammo one more time in crushed walnut shells with a little bit of mineral spirits in it.  The only down side is that by doing so you end up throwing the tumbling media away earlier.

Well you used up the last of your RCBS snot, so on your next trip by a gun store you pick up a spray bottle of XXXXXXX water based spray lube.  The instructions on the bottle sound simple. Line the cases up and spray them. Rotate the cases 180º, spray them again and then wait 3-5 minutes and you are ready to go.

Case lube is a wonderful thing.

Case lube that works that is.  These were clean and already re-sized cases without primers.  Out of 42 rounds loaded on my Dillon 450 I pulled the rims off 2.  Fortunately I have a RCBS stuck case remover*.  By the second time around I was pretty quick with the stuck case remover and I was also pretty disgusted.   That was time I did not want to waste and I could not help but wonder.  How well would this case lube have done with fired, non re-sized cases?

I’m going to write a pretty disgusted email to XXXXXXX and head down to the local gun store tomorrow and pick up another bottle of RCBS case lube snot.  Also the next time I go to the pet store I’ll pick up another 10-20lbs of crushed walnut shells.  That is a whole lot less aggravating then dealing with a stuck case.


*Never reload ammo with one or a bullet puller.

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I’m beginning to think that I should have watched the Muppet Show when I was younger.

My kids had Barney, Sponge Bob Square Pants and a whole lot of crappy Japanese animation when they were growing up.

Well that and my DVD collections of the Golden Age of Loony Tunes.

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A late Holloween post.

You’re Always Welcome At Our House.

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#’s 44 and 45

50 rounds through the AR yesterday and 10 (just to finish the loaded rounds off) today.

223 b 1Tuesdays shooting.  A mixture of 26grs and 26.5grs of BLC-2 with the Hornady 55g SP in PMC brass.

Off sandbags at 100+ yards with iron sights.

Sight corrections, Up, Right and Down were made as needed.


223 b 2

26grs BLC-2

The group is not horrible, 10 shots from a cold, dirty barrel  into 4″ High x 3.3″ Wide.

5 into a nice tight cluster, about .5″ High x 1.25″ Wide.

With 7 in 2.5″ High x 1.3″ Wide.

Kind of a pity that honesty compels me to call it a 4″ x 3.3″ group.


223 b 3


26grs BLC-2

3.75″ High x 3.8″ Wide





223 b 4


26grs BLC-2


2.85″ High x 2.25″ Wide.  That’s kind of a pretty group.  If I get to the point were most or all of my groups look like that I’ll be happy.

For a while.  :)


223 b 5


26grs BLC-2

3.6″ High x 3.25″ Wide





223 b 6


26.5grs BLC-2

2.75″ High x 2.8″ Wide

Ditto what I said before.  This is a nice pretty group and I’d be happy if I could shoot more like this.




Today I had only 10 rounds to finish off, then I was off to the local gun store to see what I could see and to buy some case lubricant.  I’m, or at least I was, almost out.

223 b 7

10 rounds 100+ yards, Kats AR15, iron sights with a cold and dirty barrel.  No wind and about 75F.  26.5grs BLC-2.  Hornady 55gr bulk SP

2.95″ High x 5.5″ Wide.  Not as nice as my last one yesterday, but… from dead cold barrel I can live with it.

I’m not sure there is much to chose from between 26 and 26.5 grs.  I might try 26.8 or 27 just to see if it tightens up or not.  Or gets worse, I’ll never know unless I try.

At the suggestion of a friend with more then a little competition experience I changed my cheek weld on the gun.

I’m crawling the stock more and indexing with my nose on the charging handle.  I’m a inch or two closer to the rear peep, which allows me to see much more through it as well as insuring that I get a consistent hold on the gun.  It seems to be working.  The groups seem to be much rounder with less vertical stringing.  Now with a couple hundred or maybe a thousand rounds of practice and I should hope to shrink those groups a little.  Now I just have to try this new hold from offhand and prone, and remember it.

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