Did you know

That typing “I hate iTunes” into Google will bring up 38,600,000 matches.

That almost approaches my loathing of it.

Hell I don’t even have an iPhone and I despise that program.

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Range trip #29

I took Kat’s AR out again.  As of now I have about 75 rounds through it, all Federal Bulk Pack (100rd) 55 gr FMJ.  No failures of any sort except for one mag that seems to sometimes balk at locking back after the last round is fired.  I’ll have to number the mags and see if I’m right and it’s only the one mag.

42 rounds today all at 100+ yards from the bench.  Targets were 9″ diameter white paper plates stapled to brown wrapping paper.  The first two shots convinced me (since I could not see them on the target or paper with my spotting scope, they were there however, just hard to spot) that my 50 yard zero needed to be refined for 100+ yards.

I switched to a different plate (one with more room to see a miss on all sides) and fired 5 rounds.  High and left by about 6 inches.  I fired the next 5 then made my correction.  Fired another 10 and made a second smaller correction.

Charlie2 A
Not bad, actually for me and iron sights pretty damn good.

I made another, even smaller correction of “Down” and “Right” and shot






Charlie2 B
this group.

Not quite as good, but if I throw out 8 flyers, I have two shots in a little less then a half inch.


Not only am I pretty sure that neither David Tubb’s or Jerry Miculek are shaking in their boots, but its a pretty good bet that the current recipients of the “President’s 100” aren’t too worried about competition from me either..

Still I had fun and continued the break in process for Kat’s rifle.

Now I have to start loading for it and I’m pretty sure that I don’t have ANY powders that are truly suitable for it.  That means trying to buy some powder, and thanks to president obama, both rifle and pistol powders are just about impossible to buy around here.

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Range trips #27 and 28.

Well also trip #26.  Which happened about 3 weeks ago and was all 22LR all the time from the Marval Unit 1 and that’s about all I remember of it.

Trip #27 was about a week and a half ago and had me taking the Winchester Model 94 in 44 mag out to the range.

Home cast LBT bullets.  A 280gr WFN non gas check bullet sized to .433″ and lubed with some home brewed lube and loaded on top of 9gr and 10grs of Russian Unique (a surplus powder) powder.  Sparked by Wolf Large Pistol Primers.

44mag 3

50 yards off the bench rest with a scope.  Better then the rifle has done with other loads.  As I recall the bore on this rifle slugged out at .432-.4325″ or so and my other 44 cal bullet molds cast bullets just a little to small for this gun to like.

So a couple of years ago I had Veral (LBT) make this mold for me.  So far I like it.


44mag 4


A mixed day for targets.  Not as nice a group but by this point the gun had shot 24 rounds and was getting a bit warm.  No signs of leading however.

I’m tempted to load up another 24 rounds.  8 each of 9.5 grs, 10.0 grs and 10.5 grs and see how the gun does.  Unique (the real stuff let alone the Surplus stuff we treat as Unique) is a touch fast for heavy loads in a 44 mag so I’m hesitant to go much heaver.  But I might give 10.5 to 11 grs a try.


Trip #28 had me taking Kats “New” Match rifle out for its Maiden voyage.  After doing a whole lot of horse trading and swapping I managed to put togeather a starter match rifle for Kat.  An AR-15 with a 20″ heavy barrel with a 1×8 twist “NM Sights” and a pretty crappy trigger.  With that twist it will probably be happer with 65-69gr bullets but all I had on hand were some factory Federal 223 loads with 55g FMJ bullets.

From Bench

I started at 25 yards and was just off the 8.5×11″ paper I was using for a background.  Crank in about 6-8 clicks each of “Right” and “Up” and fire five for effect.  The group had moved about a half inch up and right at 25 yards.

Crank in a whole lot more Up and Right and fire five more, repeat at least twice.

Finaly I finished it off with 5 rounds from sandbags at 50 yards.  Iron sights.

I don’t think I’m going to worry David Tubb or Jerry Miculek but I had fun.

From OffHand

After that I had a few minutes left before I had to head back to work so I took 1o shots offhand.  50 yards, iron sights, no sling, no jacket or glove.  Just standing on my hind legs and shooting crappy.




I call it Charlie2


“I will call him Charlie 2″

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Dear U.S. Forest Service

Please go pound sand.

Your’s truly


In other news the US Forest service wants us to use Fruit instead of Chocolate when we make S’mores, and if we want to save even MORE calories to use slices of Angles Food cake instead of Graham Crackers.

“There are some innovative ways to roast the little white treats that can help cut down on the amount of sugar intake by the kids, thus making bedtime a little more doable,” the USFS wrote last week in a blog titled, “How Does Your Marshmallow Roast?”

“Think fruit,” they said. The Forest Service suggested either banana chunks or grilled pineapple — as if a piece of fruit is a suitable replacement for milk chocolate.

“You will still get a tasty treat but by substituting with fruit, it is healthier – as long as you watch the amount of marshmallows used,” the USFS wrote. “If you want to cut down even more on calories, try using slices of angel food cake instead of graham crackers.”

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Labor Day Weekend.(edited)

Nothing much happened on Saturday but on Sunday Monika, Katarina and I headed up to Bear Valley for a outdoor concert.

3 groups and about 3.5 to 4 hours of music.

First up was “Rainy and the Rattlesnakes”

Rainy (mandolin) , her older sister and her father (on the guitar).


Next up, touring from New Zealand, the “Tattletale Saints”


Last up, except for the encore which had all seven of them on stage, was 10 String Symphony.

A $20 donation got the music and a great potluck dinner.

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New Melones update

Photo taken the afternoon of August 27th, 2014 at 5:22.


The water level was 870.33 feet above sea level.

A drop of a little more then a foot in four days.

Remember that within my sons lifetime (his 19th birthday was yesterday) this reservoir has been 150′ lower then this.

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Dear La Raza. I agree


Dear La Raza:

This will probably surprise you but I agree.  While 5,000,000 deported the first year might seem a little low , at least it would be a start on getting control …

Wait you want what?

Piss Off.


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New Melones Reservior

Approved by Congress in 1944, construction on the dam started in 1966 and was completely finished in 1979 with a water elevation cap set at 844′ above sea level because of activists.

Heavy snow pack in 1982 resulted in the dam blowing well past that level and filling in 1983, to where it was flowing out the emergency spillway.

As near as I can tell from the historical data I’ve downloaded from the Calif. Dept of Water Resources  the peak level of the reservoir was in July of 1985 at 1,218.88 feet above sea level.

1,077.53′ ASL in January of 1970, 1,082.8′ ASL in June of 1982 and July 2011 found it at 1,081.52′ ASL

Bad years?  Well in 1992 it bottomed at at 721.15′ ASL, it stayed in the low 800’s ASL for most of 1991 and today, well yesterday actually (08/23/2014) finds it at 871.46′ ASL.NewMelones08242014b

In other words, despite the “Unprecedented Drought” that we are currently having, New Melones Reservoir is at this time 150′ and change higher then it was back in 1992

NewMelonesHistoricalData in .CSV format. A California Drought Timeline.



Those of us living here in California need to accept that simple fact that we live in a arid area that suffers occasional wet spells.

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The week.

Mostly nothing.  Just work then come home and take it easy and try to heal.

You see on Monday evening my dog tried to kill me.

I was running Riley. Well I was riding my bike and he was running on my
left side. Our usual route is 3.1 miles but we had gone less then
2/10ths of a mile when I started a right turn at the same time that he
decided to go left.

One one hundredth of a second later, while I was still going right, he
had pulled my handle bars and hence my front wheel into a sharp left
turn. At this point I continued to go to the right and down. Over the
handle bars and into the street, but before I even hit the ground I felt
something give in my ribs.

Pretty sure I either cracked/ripped some cartilage or did a major muscle
pull. It still hurts to do ANYTHING. Sit, sit down, stand up, walk or
breath. It hurts, hell it even hurts to lay in bed.

That was Monday.  It’s still to painful to do almost anything.  If it is not better by next Monday I’ll probably spend lunch getting some X-Rays to tell me just what I did.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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I give up. They are trying to destroy my childhood memory’s.

Thor.  A woman?

Oh well.  You know She/He/It will be flaunting “The Most Common Super Power

Most Common Super Power


This most common of metahuman attributes seems to range from a D-cup size upward for any character just past the onset of puberty (a time when many comic-book characters start to manifest superpowers). They are not only large, but remarkably self-supporting and perky for their size.

Spinnerette actually pokes a little (a lot) fun at this with the heroine “Super MILF

Super MILF was originally a flat-chested lab assistant; however, she was engulfed in the explosion of a powerful reactor from Venus, resulting in her breasts expanding, taking the name “Ms. Venus” and becoming a superheroine.

Later on, DC sued her for having a costume that looked like “Power Girl”. Instead of changing the costume, she fought for her right to wear it and lost her house in the process. Giving in to her depression, she quit the Superhero business, got married and had kids.

A few years after her kids were old enough, she returned to superhero business as “Super MILF” in the 2010s with a completely new costume.

I don’t care who you are.  That’s funny.

And yes this is under the Category “Politics” because there is no other reason for Marvel to be doing this.













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