Last weekend I discovered that a horrible thing had almost occurred.  I was almost out of 45acp ammo, I mean I was down to 200 rounds or less.  So I fired up the Dillon Square Deal B (Dillon SDB or just SDB if I want to save time) and over several, relatively,  short periods of time spread over Saturday and Sunday I cranked out 750+ – rounds of 45acp.

Then late Sunday evening the handle of my SDB broke.  I was just priming a case and the handle gave up the ghost and folded in my hand.

Monday morning around 10 or so I called Dillon and explained my problem.

“Mr. Riedel of XX in YYYY?” 

“That’s me”.

“A new handle will be going out to you today, is there anything else I can do for you?”

I’ve said it before.  Dillon is  a damn good company to deal with.

I’ll try to get another 700-1,000 rounds done this weekend and then I’ve got to start getting back to the range.


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Brown Bird

Monika and I saw them at Strawberry a couple of years ago and never got a chance to see them again.  Now we will.

David Lamb, Founder and lead singer, died of leukemia today.

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And some people wonder why I carry a gun!

Or “Excuse me while I whip this out“.

Took to the pup for a run this evening, and had just turned the corner into the development right behind our back yard when I spot an older gentleman who looks like he might need a hand or a question answered.

It turns out that he lives in one of the OLDER streets that backs on to ours and he had called the Sheriffs office to see if they wanted to come and do something about the Mountain Lion that* that had killed a deer in the no-mans land between his backyard and ours.  After looking for the big kitty for a few minutes we decided that the Sheriff was not going to show and I asked him if he wanted a hand pulling the lion’s dinner off the Bobbed Wire fence it was hung up on (and half covered in grass).  He asked if I would cover him with his 30-30 (much more suitable for the job then a J-Frame 5 shot 38sp, but a tad more difficult to carry concealed) while he put on some gloves and untangled the deer (last years buck fawn) from the fence and left it over on the mountain side.

No sooner asked then it was done, with no sighting of the lion so Riley and I continued our walk.

Think I’ll switch over to the Kimber.  9 shots of 230g JHP beats the snot out of 5 of 125g JHP I’m beginning to think.

And silly people wonder why I carry a gun.


*That one, over their.  I never did see it, but he had seen it plainly for several minutes before Riley and I showed up.

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Took in some music over the weekend.

Monika got us tickets for “Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers” last Saturday (March 15th) at the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton Calif.  Great music in a beautiful venue (in a dump of a town) and a really funny front man for the band who plays a great banjo.

They played love songs (from a different point of view).

Jubilation Day


Pretty Little One

and Classics

Orange Blossom Special

Well worth seeing. Steve Martin is funny and plays a very mean banjo. The rest of the band is excellent and the fiddle player, Nicky Sanders, is fantastic.


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Range trip #14 or

Sometimes your “Delusions of Adequacy” are all that keep you going.

It’s a bummer when they run right smack dab into reality, that tends to smart a little.

The only Range day this week, so far, consisted of 2 different cast bullet loads in the M1 Garand.  16 each, of 36g Surplus 4895 and 36.5g Surplus 4895 with 1g of poly filling. Under a NOE 311299 boolit (all boolits were from a batch that were weighed and sorted to within .5g of each other) in my FA59 brass and on top of Wolf LR Primers.  With Ben’s Red for a lube, sized and gas checked to .311″.

No leading is to be seen but the results can best be described as “Pitiful”.  The best 8 shot group, from sandbags at 100 yards, went into about 2.5″H x 5-6″ W.

I’ll probably try 33.5, 34, and 35.5gs next.

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Junior Rifle results.


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Life updates.

Well Junior Rifle is over for another year.  Kat finished #3 out of 46 (?) in her division.  There were two higher divisions and I suspect that she will end up in one of those next year.

I’m coming very close to violating a major tenant of my religion and disposing of a couple of guns.  However I’m not so much selling them as trading them up for an AR-14 AR15 for Kat to shoot.  I’ve mentioned before that one friend has offered me a pretty good deal on a Heavy Barrel/Match Sighted AR upper (complete) that I should be able to swing if I dump the Kahr and my SKS* and Big Mandy (a long time hunting buddy from Oregon) asked what I had in the way of 223 Brass.

My reply of “about 100-150 rounds of range pickup”,  did not please him.  Because the next thing I know he emails me to let me know that 6lbs of mixed 223 brass along with a set of Small Base Dies and couple of partial boxes of bullets (Berger 62g and Sierra 69g) are on there way to me.

Now I do have to get my ass in gear and get the gun made up.

cat's paw



I’m thinking, that when I get the rifle finished I’ll have a large “Cat” paw print painted on the buttstock.



This should be fun.


*I’d rather shoot either of the Garands or the future AR then the SKS anyway.


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Range trip #13

Kat and I made it to the rifle range on Saturday for the High Power Rifle Match.  Kat forgot her glasses and got shy and did not shoot.  I on the other hand showed up to shoot with what turned out to be the oldest rifle there, and  with cast lead hand-load’s to boot and had a blast.

It was a 50 round match, + sighting shots and I, being the Super Genius that I am, did not bother to go to the clubs web site and read up on the course of fire and so only loaded up 50 rounds the night before.

I dropped 2 rounds (ran out of time) in one of the first strings and pulled one off (0 points) in the last string.  Overall I think I came in with about 370-380 out of 500 (undoubtedly the worst there) and had a blast.

Kat is interested and I’ll probably sell a gun or two to finance a AR-15, with 20″ heavy barrel and match sights, for her to shoot as well.  I’ve got a line on a lightly used AR match upper with match sights from a friend.  Now I just have to “promote” the AR lower and the rest of the parts to make a Komifornia legal AR.  A “Bullet Button“, 10 round mags and that crap.  Also reloading dies, powder and bullets, I do have a few thousand (I think) small rifle primers on hand.

Next, for Kat, I’ll need to get a shooting jacket and it would help to have a spotting scope set up for the matches and a few other items.  For me?  I’m stubborn (and cheap), I’m going to keep working with the Garand and cast loads.  I want to get at least to 450 (out of 500 aka 90%) my way.  Rifle, cast bullets for ammo, sling and a shooting mat, no other toys.  I may not make it with cast but I could have fun trying.

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A new feature. The Shadowsfall 30 second Movie Review.

The Monuments Men

Monika and I took in Dinner and a Movie last night as a belated birthday present for her.

The movie is good, well acted and well worth seeing.

I’d give it a 6 out of a standard Colt Mag.


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BigMandy 10/22 update

My 10/22 project so far.

Fajen Thumbhole stock Clerke 20″ fluted barrel
Bushnell 4.5 x 18 – target turrets and side parallax


Factory trigger , parts on order for a future trigger job. No range time yet, I will post some targets when I do. I have some Remington HP – Solid  and Federal HP Bulk pack ammo I want  to try.

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