The week.

Mostly nothing.  Just work then come home and take it easy and try to heal.

You see on Monday evening my dog tried to kill me.

I was running Riley. Well I was riding my bike and he was running on my
left side. Our usual route is 3.1 miles but we had gone less then
2/10ths of a mile when I started a right turn at the same time that he
decided to go left.

One one hundredth of a second later, while I was still going right, he
had pulled my handle bars and hence my front wheel into a sharp left
turn. At this point I continued to go to the right and down. Over the
handle bars and into the street, but before I even hit the ground I felt
something give in my ribs.

Pretty sure I either cracked/ripped some cartilage or did a major muscle
pull. It still hurts to do ANYTHING. Sit, sit down, stand up, walk or
breath. It hurts, hell it even hurts to lay in bed.

That was Monday.  It’s still to painful to do almost anything.  If it is not better by next Monday I’ll probably spend lunch getting some X-Rays to tell me just what I did.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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I give up. They are trying to destroy my childhood memory’s.

Thor.  A woman?

Oh well.  You know She/He/It will be flaunting “The Most Common Super Power

Most Common Super Power


This most common of metahuman attributes seems to range from a D-cup size upward for any character just past the onset of puberty (a time when many comic-book characters start to manifest superpowers). They are not only large, but remarkably self-supporting and perky for their size.

Spinnerette actually pokes a little (a lot) fun at this with the heroine “Super MILF

Super MILF was originally a flat-chested lab assistant; however, she was engulfed in the explosion of a powerful reactor from Venus, resulting in her breasts expanding, taking the name “Ms. Venus” and becoming a superheroine.

Later on, DC sued her for having a costume that looked like “Power Girl”. Instead of changing the costume, she fought for her right to wear it and lost her house in the process. Giving in to her depression, she quit the Superhero business, got married and had kids.

A few years after her kids were old enough, she returned to superhero business as “Super MILF” in the 2010s with a completely new costume.

I don’t care who you are.  That’s funny.

And yes this is under the Category “Politics” because there is no other reason for Marvel to be doing this.













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Can anyone tell me what Chelsea Clinton has done?

To be worth getting paid $75,000 to give a speech.

She’s gone to college, graduated, got married and is pregnant.  Other then that, what has she DONE?

Leaving out the getting pregnant part (for men) a whole lot of people have done everything she has done and no one is throwing money at them for giving boring speeches.

Yes she is a baby, wannabe, politician but why does that entitle her to make money off that kind of scam?  I have more respect for a plumber or electrician then I do for her.

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Vote for the, admitted, Pervert.

Hey, he’s a proud Liberal and thinks the world of Barry Soetoro and Elizabeth (High Cheeks) Warren.

Mike Dickinson proud liberal and professional scuzz bucket.

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Trip #24 and 25.

A email group that I belong to decided to do “Postal Match” among those members who wanted to shoot.  Air pistol’s at 5 meters.

Well I don’t have a air pistol any more (I want this one, but I’ll have to save my nickels) so I took the Marvel Unit 1 back to the range and proceeded to shoot.

PostalMatch 1








Not bad for me, but not great for someone who actually knows how to shoot.

PostalMatch 2

In my defense I would like to point out that the Marvel Unit was put onto my Kimber Carry piece and while it has a nice trigger for a stock carry gun it is far from a “Match” trigger.

That and I’m not as good a shot as I would like to be.




So today I went back for trip #25 and shot 100 rounds at 10 – 12 yards.  A simulated draw to a two handed hold and one shot on a 4″ square.  Lather, rinse and repeat.  I worked on smoothness and GETTING my grip right.

A few hundred more rounds like that and I might be able to fool myself into thinking I’ve got it.  Or something close to it.

Oh well, I had fun and like Tam says “If you don’t shoot Weekly, you will shoot weakly”.

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Trip #23. For real.

Around 95-100 rounds through the Marvel Unit 1.  I first checked it’s zero with 10 rounds and then moved the target back to 10 – 12 yards and shot.

80% of today’s shooting was single shots with a two handed hold.  10 rounds each single handed right and left, and a couple of clips shot as controlled pairs with a two handed hold.

I need to slow down and practice getting my off hand to grip the gun/right hand consistently.  I’m getting shot to shot variation on my grip placement that I’m sure is not helping me.

With luck it will cool down and I’ll go at least once more this week.  With even more luck 22LR will start appearing in stores again at a reasonable price.

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Trip #23. Almost.

I was almost out the door last Friday headed for the range when someone asked “Do you want to go to “Diamondback” for lunch?”  It was a group of us getting together to have a last lunch with a co-worker before her retirement kicked in.

I thought about it, I thought about it long and hard…… But Diamondback?  Ya, I can go shoot next week.

You want a “Foodgasm?”  Try Diamondback’s.  I’m not sure that their “Roasted Red Pepper-Mozzarella Burger” is not the best tasting burger I’ve ever had.


This meal is 100% NOT Vegan.

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There and Back Again.

NOT a Hobbit’s Story.

My 16 year old daughter bought a car.

Not just any car, not a car from around the corner or down the block or even a car from the other side of town or the next county over.

No, this is a 16 year old girl, and that means complicated.

The car Bethanni bought was owned by the brother of a acquaintance of Monika’s.  Said brother lived in Oklahoma and was moving to Hawaii.

After viewing a few videos, Bethanni borrowed the money from my parents (she is good for it, otherwise I would not have let her) and bought the car.  Back on June 12th the ex-owners of the car dropped it off at with one of their friends in LA and took off for Hawaii

Saturday,June 21st,  Monika and I drove down to LA (350 miles one way), picked up the car and drove back.  Or at least that was the plan.

The drive down went as planned.  We borrowed the folks Prius which averaged just over 46 MPG each way over a roughly 700, total, mile trip.

We picked up the car without any problem, gassed it up headed north.  Well.. my younger brother and his family live about a half mile east of the 405 (a large, mostly North to South Highway in Southern Calif) so we stopped in to say “Hi”.  Got a few Geo Caches, since both Monika and my SIL are “Cachers”, and then went out to one of the most amazing meals I’ve had in a long time.

I’m a carnivore.  I love meat.  This was a Vegan Vietnamese restaurant and it was incredible.  If you’r ever in the Reseda area, or even close, I recommend dropping into the Vinh Loi Tofu Restaurant.  You won’t be sorry.

After dinner we headed home with both cars getting in around Midnight.  That made for a pretty long day.

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Trip #22

And 96 rounds of 45acp through the Kimber.

Actually I intended to shoot 22LR through the Marvel 22LR conversion unit I have, but somewhere along the line I misplaced the little wrench used to tighten the Unit on the 1911 receiver and my small tool kit got left out of my range bag.

So I shot the Kimber 96 rounds, one mag failed to lock the slide back on empty, the second time around.  I’ll try cleaning the gun and the mags and see if the failure repeats.  If it does I’ll mark that mag for practice only.

All at 10 – 12 yards single shot only, two handed hold.  The best part is I found 92 out of 96 rounds of brass.

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Trip #21

101 rounds of 45acp, by count.  Best of all I found, again by actual count, 100 rounds of brass.  Where that last little bugger went I don’t have a clue.

All Springfield Armory XD at 10-12 yards.  61 rounds of two handed singles drawn from the holster, and 20 doubles, again after a draw from the holster with a two handed hold. Then 10 rounds each right and left hand only.

I’m down to less then 5 thousand rounds of Large Pistol Primers.  DOG I hope that 22LR starts showing up in the stores again.  I have not seen any in close to a year.

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