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The Lion Hunter Sleeps.   No, I did not get out and push it for a mile, or 3.

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Two words I never thought I would hear together. “Feral Chihuahua”

Thousands of stray Chihuahuas roam Bay Area neighborhoods   Chihuahuas have been popular for years, thanks to movies like “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and celebrities’ taste for toting the little dogs in purses. But now they’re turning up in huge numbers … Continue reading

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The week.

Mostly nothing.  Just work then come home and take it easy and try to heal. You see on Monday evening my dog tried to kill me. I was running Riley. Well I was riding my bike and he was running … Continue reading

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Dog run.

Monika is working, Bethanni and Kat are at friends and Karl is fighting a cold.  Monika’s last words to me as she headed out the door were “See if you can get the puppy tired”. So I loaded up Riley … Continue reading

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Little known facts about Rhodesian Ridgebacks #1

Not often mentioned is that, along with Lions, their native prey on the African veldt was the Blue Rhodesian Land Shark. Here, 18 month old, Riley poses with a solo kill.

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Up the “Mountain” again and more.

It has been a year and a half or so since Monika and I took our last little stroll up the “Mountain“.  So today, since both of us were off, it was a beautiful day and we both wanted to … Continue reading

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A walk in the snow, with Riley.

The weather changed quite a bit this week.  We started off with sunny days in the low to mid 60’s but then around Wednesday had an over night drop to the low to mid 40’s for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  … Continue reading

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The Week that Was.* (also $2.70 and $2.63 a trip)

Tuesday this week Monika and I woke at 4:40 AM to drive to Stanford Medical Center for what should be her next to last bout of reconstructive surgery following last years double mastectomy. We left Murphys at 5:20 and I … Continue reading

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Fishing and $2.86 a trip.

Yesterday I took the pup up the hill a little bit to Boards Crossing and did a little hiking and fishing.  No catching, just fishing.  Next time I’ll take the spin casting setup and leave the fly rod behind. Today … Continue reading

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Took the pup and went fishing.

Had a great time up on the river above Boards Crossing.  No fish, not even a bite but the air was cool and the river beautiful and Riley and I had a great time. I don’t think he enjoyed falling … Continue reading

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