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So, what else were we taught all those years that was wrong?

Eat protein to lower stroke risk Eating a high protein diet significantly lowers the risk of stroke and could prevent 10,000 deaths in Britain every year, a study has suggested. Consuming as little as one chicken breast, or a salmon … Continue reading

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4 to 6 weeks.

This morning I had my follow up doctor visit.  They took two “after” X-Rays and walked me through what they had found (12mm bone spur grinding on a tendon), what they did and what I need to do. What they … Continue reading

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The week that was.

What a week.  In order, as best as I can remember. First. my pup gets bit by a neighbors dog.  Damn dog reached under the fence and bit my dog on the paw.  Two nice puncture wounds, blood all over … Continue reading

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Deadly Ebola outbreak in Uganda

14 people dead in this, 3 week old, outbreak.* Not much to say other then Tom Clancy covered it in “Rainbow Six” and I’ve managed to wipe out 90% + of the human race twice in five games in “Pandemic … Continue reading

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Wednesday and today (Friday) this week I got home from work and got on my Road Bike and headed out on the “Long Ride”. Muphys’ to Angles Camp on Highway 4 and back up the hill to Murphys along Murphys … Continue reading

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Over did it just a bit on the knee.

I took Saturday and Sunday off from biking and started back up Monday morning.  Monday evening I took Cinnamon for a walk up the hill (see previous post) and this morning I was back on the bike trainer for a … Continue reading

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