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It’s all Arizona’s fault.

A friend of mine, I’ll call him Arizona in order to protect the not so innocent, said, and I quote “Hell, you can’t have too many knives, go for it”.  So you see it’s not my fault at all. My … Continue reading

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So… What’s in your night stand?

After talking with a friend at work today, I went digging through my night stand looking for my Buck Folding Hunter (Buck Model 110).   If  you are going to have just one folding knife it should be a Buck … Continue reading

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I am not Bear Grylls

Nor do I play him on TV.  That, however, does not stop me from wanting a “Survival Knife”* So a little time, a few common household items (common in my house at least) and a blade blank from Texas Knife … Continue reading

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It is a good thing.

To keep your pocket knife sharp. That way when you cut the shit out of your thumb doing something dumb, only the Stupid burns.   The thumb just throbs a little. I’ve had the Lansky system for better then 20 years.  … Continue reading

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Whats does it have in it’s pocketses, Precious?

You can blame OG, aka Neanderpundit, for this. Right front pocket a ChiCom made CRK M16-01KZ.  $15 at Big-5.  It came sharp and sharpened up even more.  I’ve had better.  I’ve also lost them. Left front pocket is a Buck … Continue reading

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Reason #2,375 why I don’t go into the woods naked*.

Why not?  I’m a hairless ape that’s why.  My “Fighting Fangs”, if I may be allowed to quote Edgar Rice Burroughs, were lost countless millennia ago.  A “Sharp” helps but not enough.  I don’t want this to happen. A DISTRAUGHT … Continue reading

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Bad Knife Porn

Bad only because I had a crappy little digital camera to use.  This weekend I’ll try and get better photos and post them. But first a little Guy Clark When I got home from work today it was waiting for … Continue reading

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My M1 made it home.

It spent a while up at my FnsLGS while I was thinking of converting it into a “Tanker Garand” This is the baby. This one came straight to my door from Uncle Sam via the ODCMP or The Office of … Continue reading

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