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Movies I’d like to see made. #1

A great song, depressingly sang (as it should be).

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I’ve been avoiding writing this, mostly because I’m lazy. Kat and I saw “The Jungle Book” several weeks ago and I must say that I highly recommend seeing it. It’s a good movie and the special effects are nothing short … Continue reading

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Movies. Also back to Palo Alto again.

Monika and I drove down to Palo Alto for her last procedure (other then checkups) yesterday. All went well. We spent the night in Palo Alto because they scheduled a second appointment for 9 the following morning, so last night … Continue reading

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Three from movies and one from real life. Jim’s Ride.  “The Man from Snowy River”. The real ending of the movie “Hidalgo”. The final race from the movie “The Black Stallion” And one that I never get tired of watching.  … Continue reading

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No, not the Hobbit*.  Over the last several days I’ve watched several old classics.  The first was Jack Lemmon and Ricky Nelson in Richard Murphy’s The Wackiest Ship in the Army. Next was John Wayne and Robert Montgomery in John … Continue reading

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TV and Movies

Maybe I’m getting burned out or perhaps I’m just getting more discriminating (picky) as I get older but there is damn-all little that I even want to try and watch on either the “Big” or “Little” screen. I’ve kind of … Continue reading

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I never even considered the posibility

Could my dog, or yours, be a Werewolf?   After all you never know were they will show up next.

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Vacation Day 2: A movie, fishing and a hike.

After sleeping in again until at least 8:00-8:15 I managed to drag myself out of bed, checked my email and the news and then made German style pancakes for the kids and myself. Around 10 or so I drove to … Continue reading

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Tonights entertainment.

A glooming peace this morning with it brings; The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head: Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things; Some shall be pardon’d, and some punished: For never was a story of … Continue reading

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Remember the movie “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks?

Well here is how it should have ended.

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