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“This Isn’t China, Is It?”

No.  Not yet but you can see it from here. A mother in Hoke County complains her daughter was forced to eat a school lunch because a government inspector determined her home-made lunch did not meet nutrition requirements. In fact, … Continue reading

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In other news: The National Stupidity Limit was raised once again.

A Utah school board ruled against a student body vote to make the high school mascot the “Cougar”.  It seems that the word “Cougar” is demeaning or disrespectful to “Older Women”. Where are these peoples minds at? I suspect the … Continue reading

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Just one question.

More proof that “Zero Tolerance” equals Zero Intelligence. A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched last week to a Florida elementary school after a girl kissed a boy during a physical education class. School brass actually reported the impromptu buss as a … Continue reading

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Education and computers

For years now I have pretty much been the odd man out among family, friends and co-workers when it came to the subject of computers in school. Simply put, I think they are a bad idea.  At least in Elementarily … Continue reading

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Computers and education.

For the last 12 years I have worked for a County IT department, first as a computer technician and currently as a telecommunications technician. However, in all those years I have never been truly convinced that computers had much, if … Continue reading

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