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Two words I never thought I would hear together. “Feral Chihuahua”

Thousands of stray Chihuahuas roam Bay Area neighborhoods   Chihuahuas have been popular for years, thanks to movies like “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and celebrities’ taste for toting the little dogs in purses. But now they’re turning up in huge numbers … Continue reading

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Dear U.S. Forest Service

Please go pound sand. Your’s truly Ted In other news the US Forest service wants us to use Fruit instead of Chocolate when we make S’mores, and if we want to save even MORE calories to use slices of Angles … Continue reading

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Caution. Industrial grade stupidity ahead.

Everything points to this being a real letter to the editor. Beaufort, N.C. Jan. 17, 2013 TO THE EDITOR: Republicans and “so-called” conservatives are at it again. They are claiming that the Constitution gives people the right to have guns … Continue reading

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Some people

Are only alive because it is illegal, not wrong just illegal, to kill them. Nine-month-old dies after ‘babysitters injected his 17lb body with heroin and cocaine to his feet and hands’ A couple have been accused of killing a nine-month-old … Continue reading

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I honestly don’t like to throw that word around, but these two seem to fit the definition. Either that or (and) these two are just wastes of skin and oxygen.

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Anyone who likes “Big Machines” will like this.

John Henry would roll over in his grave. Damn…. That is amazing.

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Oops, dammit.  Now I have to go report myself to Attack Watch for being  Racist.    

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No throwing Footballs, Frisbees or digging holes

We are lost.  This country is so far removed from the county that I grew up in that I’m not sure we can ever go home. As Leslie Poles Hartley said, “The past is a foreign country; they do things … Continue reading

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Racism in the run for the White House.

Racism in the run for the White House. WTF! I heard nothing other then Newt say “Juan”.  Anything else is a delusion in the mind of pathetic race hustlers.  I heard no put down, no scorn.  I did not hear … Continue reading

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In other news: The National Stupidity Limit was raised once again.

A Utah school board ruled against a student body vote to make the high school mascot the “Cougar”.  It seems that the word “Cougar” is demeaning or disrespectful to “Older Women”. Where are these peoples minds at? I suspect the … Continue reading

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