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So how do you have a rational dicussion with this?

Murdering, Lying, Thieving, Rat-F*** Republican Pieces of Sub-Amphibian Sh**.. >>>>>>>> belly-crawling, mouth-breathing, illiterate, innumerate, know-nothing, imbecilic, sheep-raping, horror movie extras masturbating into wads of money while fantasizing about war collateral damage…(inhale)…puppy-torturing, vacuous, mindless, nihilistic, evil, diseased, soulless, morally bankrupt, greedy, … Continue reading

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Memo to self…

While out running Cinnamon and I am on the Road Bike if I have to come to a complete stop, remember to get feet (shoes) out of the clip–on pedals first.  This will reduce the panicked, and somewhat frantic, attempts … Continue reading

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