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On my way home from work today.

A Mountain Lion ran across the road 50 – 60 yards in front of me. In broad daylight, dark brown fur and a tail that looked 2/3’s as long as the rest of the cat.  It came off the hill … Continue reading

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In other news: The National Stupidity Limit was raised once again.

A Utah school board ruled against a student body vote to make the high school mascot the “Cougar”.  It seems that the word “Cougar” is demeaning or disrespectful to “Older Women”. Where are these peoples minds at? I suspect the … Continue reading

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Wrapping Presents

Brother Fritz offers a video from EyeHandy with Ashley showing you how to wrap a Christmas present. Not to be outdone, I offer this PSA on “Gift wrapping your Cat” for Christmas.  

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The Top of the food chain.

It’s a struggle to get there, and stay there. I am a CAT fear me.   I was bred to hunt lions and my head is bigger then your entire body.  GO AWAY.   I’ll wait.  Over here.   I … Continue reading

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