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The week.

Mostly nothing.  Just work then come home and take it easy and try to heal. You see on Monday evening my dog tried to kill me. I was running Riley. Well I was riding my bike and he was running … Continue reading

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Dog run.

Monika is working, Bethanni and Kat are at friends and Karl is fighting a cold.  Monika’s last words to me as she headed out the door were “See if you can get the puppy tired”. So I loaded up Riley … Continue reading

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Weekend Double Header.

Saturday I got up at 0600 and was on the road by 0630.  Twas brisk, not cold but brisk.  I got my 17.5 miles in by the time is started to warm up.  Sunday I slept in a bit and … Continue reading

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Happy Fathers Day (and $3.85 a trip)

A Happy Fathers day to all you fathers out there. I had a good one and hope you all did to.  I slept late (about 8:30) but still managed to get in my standard bike ride before making pancakes for … Continue reading

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Proof that GOD loves us and wants us to be happy. Often attributed to Benjamin Franklin and while he probably did not say it, none the less I feel that it is true. This weeks brew is “Lagunitas”-‘Little Sumpin Ale‘ … Continue reading

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$4.17 & 17.5 Miles

Made it to the range for lunch yesterday.  128 rounds (16 x 8round mags) of 45acp though my Kimber Pro Carry II, plus a few extras just to round things out.  Call it 130, max of 135 rounds.  Since Walmart … Continue reading

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The week that was. A Big “C” update and other stories of just plain living.

Last Thursday Monika and I drove down (leaving @ 0’dark ugly (aka 4:10 AM)) to Palo Alto for her, long delayed, final surgery*.  This one was to remove the expanders and put her silicon gel implants in. (Not Monika) Back … Continue reading

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We cannot meet these awful tragedies with apathy. Only immediate unthinking action will suffice.

Let’s talk about motorcycles. Unlike cars, motorcycles have no practical purpose. No one commutes to work on a motorcycle. No one drives to pick up their children from soccer practice on a motorcycle. But for some people a motorcycle is … Continue reading

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Not fishing and bike helmets

This morning Monika and I loaded the mountain bikes in the back of the van and headed for Boards Crossing/Sourgrass.  We parked the van in the south side parking lot, unloaded our bikes and headed out. We saw some beautiful … Continue reading

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No bike ride today

Friday when I rode the Murphys-Angles-Murphys loop I encountered a little debris on the road that the the wind the night before had chosen to leave there.  At the speed I was going and given the roughness of the road … Continue reading

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