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How Lodge Cast Iron Pans are made.

Even though I have one Lodge frying pan I honestly don’t like Lodge Cast Iron all that much.  Its pretty rough, at least when compared it to older, mostly pre World War II cast iron.  However this video is pretty … Continue reading

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Trip #23. Almost.

I was almost out the door last Friday headed for the range when someone asked “Do you want to go to “Diamondback” for lunch?”  It was a group of us getting together to have a last lunch with a co-worker … Continue reading

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I could not help myself.

I just made, and ate, a “Racist Sandwich“. And just as you would have figured, my Rhodesian Ridgehound must be a racist too.  He wanted some.  Kept giving me sad anime eyes.

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Almost Heaven.

Sad to say, John Denver was wrong. It’s not The Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia. It’s a homemade pulled pork sandwich and a Double Take IPA. Sorry John.  I’ll make it up to you by listining to you on … Continue reading

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The perfect end to a Labor Day Weekend.

S’mores with my wife and daughter in our back yard. You know?  One of the best things about having a nice mustache is that after eating a couple of s’mores I have enough stored away on my upper lip for … Continue reading

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Stop me before I “Pressure Cook” again.

Kidney beans in the pressure cooker right now. I know that the folk from Baja Oklahoma will tell you that chili does not have beans in it. Mine does, deal with it.

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Banned in New Zealand

Well you can just scratch New Zealand from my choice of vacation spots.

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May you all enjoy your Thanksgiving

Merry Thanksgiving to you all.  Tomorrow we stuff ourselves on turkey with all the fixings, apple pie (home made by Monika) and pumpkin pie (home made by me). My family along with my folks will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my … Continue reading

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Nine Princes in Amber

Sometime after 1970 Fritz lent me a book, Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny.  It and the original sequels are well worth reading. One of the main “Gimmicks” in Nine Princes in Amber was the idea that all of … Continue reading

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Cast Iron update (again).

When we last left our hero’s Rocky and Bullwinkle…… Excuse me, I got a little carried away.  The last update saw the smaller of the two yard sale frying pans cleaned, seasoned once or twice and, I believe, already being … Continue reading

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