What kind of gun for Hot Tub carry?

It’s beginning to look like your not safe anywhere.

A B.C. man was lounging in a hot tub near Whistler Village Sunday when he was smacked from behind by a black bear, the latest in a string of bear attacks and sightings across Canada in the past month.

The 55-year-old from Coquitlam, B.C., was relaxing behind a home in a townhouse complex near a wooded area, said Staff Sergeant Steve LeClair with the Whistler detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. “The guy was sitting … with his back to the forest, then all of a sudden he felt a heavy blow to the back of his head. And he turned around and saw himself face to face with a bear,” said the Mountie.

Remember, a sow with her cubs pretty much just wants to get them away from you, your getting tore up is pretty much incidental to that.  A lone bear on the other hand,  a lone male bear in particular had best be considered predatory.

Now about that gun.  I’m thinking a Mossberg Mariner 12g,


but even with that I think you might have to hose it off and re-grease every couple of days.

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2 Responses to What kind of gun for Hot Tub carry?

  1. BigMandy says:

    Where was his early warning system? Dog? Dogs? Something as simple as a Body alarm wired across access points would be better then nothing. Unless it’s in your hand at the time of attack , I don’t see any weapon being where it’s needed. And hand to hand with a bear I would like a S.S. 4-5″ revolver 44-45-50 caliber maybe two to slow/stop the attack ,double action as I dont want to have to cock it one handed, thought may be givin to saving the last shot for ones self. Don’t like the thought of being eaten while I’m still alive. With a shotgun and good slugs/buckshot nearby to kill it if you didn’t with the revolver and if you can get to it after being mauled , also to avoiding reloads with mangled hands. Kinda takes away from they enjoyment of hot tubbing, party crashing bear any way………
    And yes a thorough cleaning after tubbing for the guns

  2. BigMandy says:

    Remington 870 marine RS synthetic
    Hand guns;
    S&W 329 – 44 mag 4″
    S&W 460 – 2 /34 ” ES
    S&W 500 – 4″ or 2 3/4 ” ES
    Ruger Redhawk Alaskan 44 mag, 45 Colt/454 casull 2 1/2″

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