First Prize. In the National Stupidity Awards 2013

Maine’s striking Hostess workers say company’s collapse a strong message of union resolve

BIDDEFORD, Maine — Labor leaders in Maine say the resilience of the Hostess workers on the picket line at the company’s Biddeford plant, which is in the process of being shut down after the company on Friday said it would liquidate the business, gives them inspiration in the face of what they believe have been ongoing efforts — by politicians, including Gov. Paul LePage, and corporate investors — to reduce union influence.

Yes siree bob… Them lousy business owners said they would go out of business unless we gave them concessions and we refused to give them.

We put them right out of business.  That will teach them to mess with the union*.

Greedy bastards.. That’ll learn em.


*Any one want to bet on whether or not the Union Bosses miss any paychecks?



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