Monika, Bethanni and Karl went up the hill, but not to fetch a pail of water.  Bethanni was working as a Babysitter at the ski resort.  And both Monika and Karl have weekend jobs up there.

And I?  I took the pup for a walk, then dug a hole and planted the new peach tree.  Cleaned up the back yard, after all a pup is only a device that is used to turn puppy chow into puppy and poop.

Then it was off to the “Gun Show”.  Sorry I don’t have neat gun show song like Tam does, but I had a good time.  The show itself was sort of pathetic, when I remember the gun shows I used to attend up in Oregon 25-30 years ago.  This was a fraction of the size, in guns, exhibitors and number tables.

Ammo prices were sky high and reloading components were almost non-existent.  I did not see all that much that appealed to me.  One old top break Webley, re-chambered from .455 Webley to 45acp, kind of whimpered and look real sad at me as I walked by.  $395… It is a C&R gun, not that that helps here in Komifornia, but I did not have my license on my nor did I have the money to spare.  I gave it a few friendly pats and rubbed its tummy then gave it back to its owner.

A couple of old Enfield’s, “United States Rifle, cal .30, Model of 1917” if you want to get specific drew my eye but the prices were way out of line for my budget, right now.  As were the stock 03A3’s I saw.

Not much else.  I traded off a bunch of old ammo that I had picked up over the years in calibers I’ll never shoot and picked up a few odds and ends.  Bases and Rings for Karl’s rifle, a new leather sheath for my Buck Folding hunter, the cheap nylon one it came with died a ugly death years ago.  I managed to almost double the number of clips I have for my M1’s, picked up a LOT of silica gel packets and a few other little things.

Once home I fired up the casting pot and proceeded to turn wheel weight ingots into NOE 311299’s.  Right at 22lbs of bullets made it through the first cull (the second cull is when I lube and size them a few always catch my eye and get tossed) tonight after dinner.  Not bad, but 4 3/4’s lbs got culled.  I’m going to grab 24 of the better ones from the cull pile, lube and size them then load them up and see how they shoot, just to see if I’m being too picky when I go over them.  Using an average weight (AIR from the last time I weighed a bunch of them) of 205grs, 22lbs should give me around 750 bullets.  Should last me a while.  I need to cast a bunch of Ranch Dog 190grs for the Handi-Rifle tomorrow, maybe I should cast some more NOE 311299’s before I put the casting equipment away.

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A husband and a father, those are the important things. A dog owner and a man who does not get to hunt and fish as often as he might like but hopes that that will change.
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