The difference between Conservatives and Liberals.

This is what I remember after ’08 and ’12


And this is just one of the many riots (bought and paid for by the Democrats probably) after the election of Trump.

Morons, Portland is in Multnomah County and Multnomah County voted 75.9+% for Hillary.  As usual when the left or their stooges riot they mostly burn down their own kennels.

Things to note:

At 1:20 – “Just because they are “non lethal doesn’t mean they don’t
hurt”.  Stupid fucker, trashing business, setting fires and harassing
people in cars?  Cry me a river if you end up dead.

Then you have all the other stupid fuckers watching from the sidewalk. Some
people really want to be a “accidental” victim.

At 3:20 –  man with a gun keeps the “Peaceful Protesters” away from his

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