Gun Walker.

Gun Walker.  Does that ring a bell?  Are you aware what the Federal Government has done?  Not allowed to happen, but done?

Under orders,  ATF (that’s the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (I myself add Firestorms)) agents, since late 2008 watched and took notes while over 2,000 firearms were purchased by and shipped to Mexico.  Even after being warned by the Gun Dealers themselves that looked buyers looked like they were engaging in illegal “straw purchases“.  The dealers were told by the ATF to continue to make the sales.

To date the firearms that the Obama Administration deliberately allowed to flow to Mexican drug dealers have been found at the site of one Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry.

“The gun used to kill Agent Brian Terry has been sourced, not to Mexico, but to a gun store in Phoenix that was actually part — and cooperating — with a federal investigation into arms trafficking.  However, US agents did not stop the sale or the transfer of that gun to the cartels that killed Terry.”
— William Lajeunesse, Fox News broadcast (February 22, 2011)

As well as one Mexican Military Helicopter.

Did I mention that the Obama Administration did not tell the Mexican government what they were up to?

Representative Darrell Issa is conducting hearings on this CF, and would it surprise you to discover that the ATF has been Stonewalling and overall rather unhelpful?


Many others, Dave Workman and David Cordea come to mind, have covered this subject in far greater detail and depth then I can.

Take the time, Google “Gun Walker” or “Project Fast and Furious” learn what our government has been up to, then try and figure out why.

I, myself, see this as little more then a incompetent, runaway plot on the part of high Government officials to embarrass and discredit both gun dealers and gun owners and lay the ground work for further gun control laws here in the US.

After all The Lightbringer told Sarah Brady that they were working on it “under the radar

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