2015 Mileage. Update July 13th.

I’m looking to get a minimum of 1,000 miles of biking and walking this year.  1,500 would be better and 2,000 would be very nice.  Currently I have my bike trainer setup, in the garage, to use with my road bike. Until and or if I get an odometer set up on to use while on the trainer I’ll pretend that every 8 minutes is a mile.  Updates below, with the newest on top.

One Murphys, Angles to Murphys trip, 3 spins around town with Riley and 2 miles (estimated) fishing (and catching) up in the Sierras, 29.4 miles for a total for the year of 538.21 miles.

July 7th, 3.1 miles with Riley around town.  Total for the year 508.81

July 4th, 4 miles with Monika, Katarina and Riley down, around and back from the old Melones bridge.

July 3rd.  7.5 miles.  3.1 with Riley and 4.4 with Monika up in the woods around Arnold.  501.71 for the year.

to June 23rd.  6 x 3.1 with Monika and/or Riley.  7.2 Hike with Monika, Kat and Riley up above Arnold (4,000+ feet) and today a 18.1 mile bike ride.  Total for the year = 494.21 miles.

4 x 3.1 with Riley and 1 with Monika and Riley.  Total for the year = 450.31

May 19th, 5 miles around town with Riley.  434.81 total for the year.

May 18th,  5 more trips with Riley around town.  Total for the year = 429.81

May 11th.  3.1 miles with Riley.  Total for the year = 414.31

May 9th.  3 more trips around town with Riley for another 9.3 Miles.  Total for the year = 411.21

May 3rd.  3.1 miles with Riley yesterday and 4.5 mile hike with Monika, Karl and Riley up in the hills.  401.93 for the year.

What with this, that and the other happing I mostly took April off.  6 runs with Rily, one Murphys-Angles-Murphys ride and 3 one mile walks with Riley.  39.7 miles for month and 394.33 total for the year.

Another 9.3 miles.  3.1 Saturday and today (3/30/15) with Riley and 3.1 with Monika and Riley.  354.63 total for the year.

Thursday 3.1 with Riley and today 18.1 on the Murphys-Angles Camp-Murphys route,  345.33 total miles for the year.

3.1 Run with Riley Tuesday and today.  324.23 miles total.

Monday March 23rd.  3.1 miles with Riley.  Total 318.23 for the year.

March 22nd.  3.1 miles with Riley Friday, 6.2 with him Saturday along with a 18.1 mile Murphys-Angles-Murphys trip and 3.1 today.  Total for the year 315.13 miles.

Thursday, March 19th.  Well so much for long rides this week.  I had to take the rear wheel of my road bike in to be re-trued.  9.3 miles so far this week, I’ve run Riley Tuesday, Wednesday and Today after work.  Total for the year.  284.63

Sunday, March 15th.  3.1 Run with Riley and a 3.1 walk with Monika and Riley.  275.33 miles total.

Thursday, March 12th, 3.1 Run with Riley.  269.13 total.

Wednesday, March 11th, 3.1 Run with Riley.  266.o3 total.

Monday/Tuesday March 9th & 10th.  Walk with Monika and Riley on Monday and ran Riley on Tuesday.  262.93 total for the year.

Sunday, March 8th, 3.1 miles with Monika and Riley.  256.73 total for the year.

Saturday, March 7th, 18.1 miles Murphys-Angles to Murphys and 3.1 mile walk with Riley.  Total for the year = 253.63

Thursday March 5th, 36 minutes on the bike trainer.  4.5 miles = 232.43 miles for the year.

Tuesday March 3th.  36 minutes on the bike trainer.  4.5 miles = 227.93 miles for the year.

Sunday March 1st.  3.1 miles with Riley.  223.43 miles for the year.

Saturday February 28th.  3.1 miles with Riley.  93.43 for the month and 220.33 for the year.

27.4 miles over the weekend.  3 trips around town with Riley and one Murphys, Angles Camp to Murphys trip.  217.23 total for the year.

February 19th.  35 minutes on the trainer (4.37 miles) for a years total of 189.83 miles.

February 17th.  3.1 miles with Riley.  185.46 total.

February 16th.  3.1 miles with Riley around Murphys. 182.36 total.

February 15th.  2 trips with Riley around Murphys.  6.2 miles.  Total for the year 179.26

Valentine’s day update.  18.1 miles on the Murphys, Angels Camp, Murphys route.  Then 3.1 with Monika and Riley.  173.06 miles total for the year.

Friday the 13th.  35 minutes on the trainer. 4.37 miles for 151.86 total.  I’ll need to buy a new odometer, the old one, I was hoping to use is stone dead.  Even brand new batteries could not bring it back to life.

Wednesday February 11th.  35 minutes on the bike trainer both today and Monday.  147.49 miles for the year.

Thursday the 5th.  35 minutes on the trainer.  138.75 miles for the year.

Monday, the 2nd of February.  35 minutes on the trainer = 4.37 miles.  7.47 miles for the month and 134.37 miles for the year.

Sunday February 1st. 3.1 miles with Riley.  Total = 130 miles.

Total for the year (and month) = 126.9

Saturday 1/31/15
3.1 miles on the bike with Riley.

18.1 miles – Murphys to Angels Camp to Murphys in 1 hour 9 minutes and I was pushing it.

Thursday 1/29/15
34 minutes on the bike trainer = 3.5 miles

24th, January.  2 x 3.1 with Riley, also 18.1 miles on the Murphys to Angles Route.  24.3 miles for the day and 102.2 total.

January 23rd. 32 minutes on the bike trainer.  77.9 miles total.

January 21st.  32 minutes on the bike trainer. = 4 miles = 73.9 miles total.

January 19th. Walked 3.1 with Monika and Riley.  69.9 total.

January 18th.  Ran Riley twice for 6.2 and Road Murphys, Angles Camp to Murphys for 18.1   Total for the day = 24.3  Total for the year = 66.8

January 17th.  Ran Riley (he ran I biked) twice for 6.2 miles.  Total = 42.5 miles.

January 14th.  3.5 miles on the trainer.  Total = 36.3 

January 12th.  3.5 miles on the trainer.  Total = 32.8

As of January 11th I had 29.3 miles total.



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