New Melones Reservoir.

Approved by Congress in 1944, construction on the dam started in 1966 and was completely finished in 1979 with a water elevation cap set at 844′ above sea level because of activists.

Heavy snow pack in 1982 resulted in the dam blowing well past that level and filling in 1983, to where it was flowing out the emergency spillway.

As near as I can tell from the historical data I’ve downloaded from the Calif. Dept of Water Resources  the peak level of the reservoir was in July of 1985 at 1,218.88 feet above sea level.

1,077.53′ ASL in January of 1970, 1,082.8′ ASL in June of 1982 and July 2011 found it at 1,081.52′ ASL

Bad years?  Well in 1992 it bottomed at at 721.15′ ASL, it stayed in the low 800’s ASL for most of 1991 and today, well yesterday actually (08/23/2014) finds it at 871.46′ ASL. NewMelones08242014b

In other words, despite the “Unprecedented Drought” that we are currently having, New Melones Reservoir is at this time 150′ and change higher then it was back in 1992

NewMelonesHistoricalData in .CSV format. A California Drought Timeline.

Those of us living here in California need to accept that simple fact that we live in a arid area that suffers occasional wet spells.

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  1. BigMandy says:

    With all that snow and rain has this filled up yet???

  2. BigMandy says:

    what tree did they count rings on? Douglas fir? Redwood?

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